3 Helpful Tips For Food Truck Expansion


Editor’s Note: Today we’re excited to present a post from Jeremy Adams. Jeremy is the President/CEO of Prestige Food Trucks, which is the world’s leading custom food truck manufacturer. In his current role as President/CEO, Jeremy manages dozens of employees, interacts with clients, and maintains a healthy relationship with all of his business partners. Since Prestige, Jeremy has launched many other successful companies.

If you’re thinking about expansion at your food truck business, then we encourage you to take into account the three helpful tips below.

While every food truck owner has different wants and needs when it comes to food truck expansion, these three tips can help you out along the way.

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3 Helpful Tips For Food Truck Expansion

  • Treat This Venture As If You Were Doing It For The First Time
  • Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Current Food Truck
  • There Are Many Ways To Expand

3.) Treat This Venture As If You Were Doing It For The First Time

While you now have more experience when it comes to starting up a food truck, we encourage you to treat your expansion as if you were doing it for the first time. After all, you don’t want to rush through this process and you also want to make sure this new venture fits all of your wants and needs.

While you will likely be able to skip some steps this time around, make sure to take your time with your expansion ideas and also make sure your passion shines through. If you treat this venture as if you were doing it for the first time — and also learn from your mistakes from the first time — you should have a successful expansion.

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2.) Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Current Food Truck

While you will likely be putting in a lot of time and effort when it comes to your expansion project, don’t lose sight of your current food truck.

The last thing you want is for your sales and quality to drop. Make sure to continue to enjoy the process and do a great job from one location to the next (don’t get complacent).

If you’re going to have a manager take over your first food truck, then that’s perfectly fine, but make sure this person is reliable and also shares the same vision as you.

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1.) There Are Many Ways To Expand

When thinking of expansion, many food truck owners might think of adding another food truck to the mix. However, there are many ways to expand. For example, on top of opening another truck, you can also open up a brick-and-mortar location or expand on your current truck.

You can learn more about this concept here.

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