How To Finish The Busy Season Off Strong In The Food Truck Industry

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Editor’s Note: Today we’re excited to present a post from Jeremy Adams. Jeremy is the President/CEO of Prestige Food Trucks, which is the world’s leading custom food truck manufacturer. In his current role as President/CEO, Jeremy manages dozens of employees, interacts with clients, and maintains a healthy relationship with all of his business partners. Since Prestige, Jeremy has launched many other successful companies.

While it’s not even fall yet, the temperatures are going to start dropping before we know it, and then winter will be here.

The busy season is going to be over before we know it, and then the offseason will be among us.

With that in mind, it’s essential to finish off the busy season strong, but how do you do that?

While everyone’s strategies are different, we wanted to feature three ideas for finishing the busy season off strong in the mobile kitchen industry, and these reasons can be found below.

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How To Finish The Busy Season Off Strong In The Food Truck Industry

  • Incorporate A Seasonal Menu For Fall
  • Schedule Out Catering Jobs For Beyond The Busy Season
  • Reflect And Improve

3.) Incorporate A Seasonal Menu For Fall

Not everyone changes up their menus on a seasonal basis. In fact, some people roll out the same menu season after season and year after year. That’s fine. However, it’s never a bad idea to add a seasonal treat or incorporate a seasonal menu because these types of ingredients will create some buzz and attract customers to your food truck.

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It could be something as simple as a pumpkin spice treat or something a little more drastic like creating a comfort menu for colder temperatures.

With summer leading into fall, people tend to crave different foods, making a fall menu a great idea for any food truck owner who’s looking for a change.

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2.) Schedule Out Catering Jobs For Beyond The Busy Season

If your truck has been featured at many food truck events or any form of catering event, then you probably have no problem scheduling catering jobs.

Whatever the case might be, now would be a great time to try to schedule out as many catering gigs as possible since the busy season is coming to a close for many food trucks. This is a great way to supplement your income and to also see some success when your food truck lines aren’t as busy.

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1.) Reflect And Improve

It’s never too early in the year to reflect. So, we encourage food truck owners to reflect on the year and to also look back at last year’s numbers. What did you do last year around this time that led to success at your truck? What worked and what didn’t work? What has been working at your truck all year long?

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The key is analyzing your food truck business so you can make changes and improve — if necessary, of course.

There are an endless amount of things food truck owners can incorporate at their food truck businesses to finish off the busy season strong, and we hope the three strategies above can help you out along the way.

If you liked this article, then we encourage you to share your feedback, advice, questions and/or stories below!

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