Customer Relationships

How to Run a Food Truck 18: Be Consistent

Cultivating consistency in your life, your work, and your behavior is one of the keys to becoming a better business owner. Learn how to be more consistent in Lesson 18 of “How to Run a Food Truck.”

How to Run a Food Truck 06: Handle Customer Disputes

Today on “How to Run a Food Truck,” we have a simple tool you can use to resolve complaints. It’s called the LEARN model, and we think it’s a great way to deal with unhappy customers.

Create Sticky Memories to Build Long-Lasting Fans

In a special guest post, community member Mike Kelley explains how sticky memories can help food truck owners build lasting fans and shares his best stories from Texas Food Truckin’ Fest.

Food Truckin’ Fest is a Texas-Sized Success

In a special guest post, community member Mike Kelley recaps the second annual Texas Food Truckin’ Fest in Arlington, TX and shares his tips for food truck business success.

#FoodTruckFan: When Your Favorite Truck Gets Popular

The FoodTruckr team is together in San Diego this week, and a couple of us had an experience that I suspect is common for hard-core fans of food trucks (or any restaurant). We met up with a friend who lives in San Diego, and he took us out for “the authentic San Diego experience, but Read more

#FoodTruckFan: Your Approachability Factor

I had a group of friends over for dinner the other night, and we got on to the topic of ordering pizza. More specifically, The Fear of Ordering Pizza. We had so many arguments my freshman year of college about who had to order the pizza, and the arguments were so involved that they usually Read more

#FoodTruckFan: Customer Loyalty Programs

This week’s inspiration comes from an unexpected location: my neighborhood’s 90-year-old candy shop. I was intrigued—and impressed—to see an iPad Mini sitting on the counter. The iPad is part of the Belly program, a customer loyalty card/app/email list program that’s popping up around my metro area. Each time I shop, I scan my the barcode Read more

#FoodTruckFan: What Makes Food Trucks So Special?

I’ve been giving this question a lot of thought in the last nine months, since Pat first told us about his plans to start FoodTruckr. What is it, really, that makes food trucks so special? It’s food…from a truck. When you break a food truck down to its components, it doesn’t sound that special. In Read more

#FoodTruckFan: Resolutions

Are you the kind of person who sets resolutions each year? I am, from something as simple as choosing a guiding phrase for the year (2009: “Listen more, talk less”) or as elaborate as building a twelve month happiness project (2014). Whether I ultimately stick to my resolutions or not, I gain a lot of Read more

Location Updates for Food Trucks: Helping Fans Find You

If you’re used to parking in busy areas and getting a fair amount of walk-up traffic, you might not think you really need to worry about broadcasting your truck’s location. But here’s a little secret: Every food truck can benefit from sending out location updates. That’s right—every single one.

Six Seasonal Strategies to Delight Fans in December

As people cut their budgets in order to save more money for tree-trimming and gift-giving, it can be tough for food truck owners and other personal service providers to attract fans who may be reluctant to spend money on themselves. Fortunately, FoodTruckr has the scoop on six seasonal strategies your food truck can use to delight fans all throughout December.