Truck Profiles

FoodTruckr Heroes: Baby’s Badass Burgers

Tomorrow, we’re kicking off Unit 6 of the “How to Start a Food Truck” series with a lesson that’s all about branding—so it only makes sense to choose a FoodTruckr Hero for the week who’s killing it with an awesome brand! Meet our favorite food truck branding rock stars: Baby’s Badass Burgers.

FoodTruckr Heroes: Destination Desserts

We love food trucks with really specific philosophies, but it’s even better when a truck’s mission supports a truly important cause. Today’s FoodTruckr Hero is a non-profit “social venture bakery” out of St. Louis, MO. Meet Destination Desserts.

FoodTruckr Heroes: Cultured Caveman

This week’s FoodTruckr Hero knows that transparency, quality, and commitment to your fans are the hallmarks of what makes food trucks so special.

FoodTruckr Heroes: East Side King

Our latest FoodTruckr Hero has a bold, eye-catching truck design that attracts fans. Check out East Side King’s dramatic artwork and see how it reflects the brand of their business and their city’s culture.

FoodTruckr Heroes: Rickshaw Stop

Our latest FoodTruckr Hero knows that quality is the heart of your food truck business. Find out how they’ve made committed fans who go wild for their menu.

FoodTruckr Heroes: Bakin’ Bakery

This week’s FoodTruckr Hero has earned a spot in our Hall of Fame before even opening for business. That’s an impressive feat—but this future food truck owner really made an impression on us!

FoodTruckr Heroes: King of Pops

Meet our latest FoodTruckr Hero, King of Pops—a truck with creative social media updates that are both eye-catching and efficient.

FoodTruckr Heroes: Monster PBJ

We’re suckers for a truck with personality, and our latest FoodTruckr Hero has totally stolen our hearts. Meet Monster PBJ: food truck branding stars.

FoodTruckr Heroes: The Grilled Cheese Truck

If you’ve spent much time around the food truck industry, you’ve probably heard of The Grilled Cheese Truck, a delicious rolling restaurant dedicated to the fine art of cooking up gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Any food truck as wildly successful as this one has plenty of lessons to offer others who are just getting into the industry—and that’s why they’re our very first FoodTruckr Hero!

Casting, Cooking, and Concepts: An Interview with Ilene Winters of “The Great Food Truck Race”

Boardwalk Breakfast Empire made it to the second week of “The Great Food Truck Race” before a narrow loss during one of the show’s challenges left them vulnerable to elimination. However, the talented teammates learned a lot and made tons of fans along the way. We spoke with contestant Ilene Winters to get the scoop on the show’s casting process, what’s next for her team, and some advice for aspiring food truck owners.

The Great Food Truck Race: How It Works and What You Can Learn

The Great Food Truck Race offers valuable insights into the dos and don’ts of running a food truck. While the show is certainly sensationalized—what “reality” show isn’t—it provides some context to real life situations that you can study and judge. You can ask yourself: How would I handle that situation? Is that issue real, or contrived? Am I making the same mistakes as these food truck owners?