As we clarified in our Guidelines for Sharing Fundraising and Crowdfunding Projects, it is the practice of FoodTruckr to help support food truck owners and the food truck community as a whole (for details on sharing fundraising/crowdfunding projects, go here). We are happy to help. But we also need to ensure we maintain our core purpose of providing great FoodTruckr-created content to our community.

In order to help support food truck owners while remaining disciplined and consistent in our core purpose, we created the following approach we take to General Solicitations to Mention/Support a Food Truck:

When we receive a request to mention or support a food truck, we’ll happily help by mentioning your food truck on our social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter), but the following rules will always apply:

  • Your business needs to be a food truck or food truck-related. Examples of eligible businesses include food truck businesses, restaurants that have food trucks as a core part of their business, and charities utilizing a food truck.
  • Upon request to mention/support your food truck, we will share up to once per week on our two social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Lastly, we reserve the right to not mention or support your food truck, if we feel that your request doesn’t align with our intent to support the goals of passionate, inspired future food truck owners.

Have any questions about whether or not your business applies? Please contact us at support@foodtruckr.com.