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King of Pops

FS037: How to Cultivate an Awesome Brand – with Steven from King of Pops

in Podcast

Today’s guest has made a big splash in his Atlanta community, thanks to some wildly popular ice pops and one stunning brand. As their website makes clear, the team behind King of Pops knows how to make an impression. They’ve developed a huge social media following and built a community around creative tie-in events, all while staying true to […]

Magic Coffee Truck

FS036: The Hard Work of a Building a Dream – with Sharon of Magic Coffee Truck

in Podcast

Today’s guest is in the midst of building her dream. Magic Coffee Truck is about to hit the streets of Atlanta, thanks to the hard work of owner Sharon Turner. Many of my guests on the FoodTruckr School Podcast are already living the dream: Their trucks are up and running, and the hurdles of getting their business on the […]

Pizza Wagon Catering

FS035: Catering for a Crowd – with Josh of The Pizza Wagon

in Podcast

What does it take to cater to hundreds of hungry pizza lovers at one time? No one knows better than  Joshua Goldstein, head chef and owner of The Pizza Wagon. Josh’s trailer serves up delicious pizzas to the Pennsylvania area, all cooked inside a wood-burning brick oven. The Pizza Wagon doesn’t follow the traditional food truck route, however—it’s a catering […]


FS034: How to Make a Huge Impact with a Small Footprint – with Phil of Metrofiets

in Podcast

Does the thought of buying and maintaining a traditional food truck seem daunting, expensive, or simply not your style? You might be interested in this radical food trucking alternative: cargo bikes. My guest today is Phillip Ross, owner of Metrofiets, a Portland-based company that creates cargo bikes. When food vendors first approached him about creating custom […]

Military Moms

FS033: Courageous Food Trucking with Carol of Military Moms

in Podcast

You just might recognize this episode’s special guest. That’s because Carol Rosenberg competed on Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race with the unforgettable Military Moms. After being a stay-at-home mom for ten years, Carol (whose husband serves with Special Forces) decided it was time to try something new. For her, that meant culinary school. Carol became an accomplished […]


FS032: Marketing Your Food Truck the Smart Way – with Brandon Lewin

in Podcast

This episode is one every FoodTruckr should hear. Today, we’re digging in deep on how to market your food truck. My guest today is Brandon Lewin, a marketer and strategist with a special place in his heart for food trucks. Brandon has taken his digital marketing training all over the country, sharing his wisdom with Fortune 500 companies […]

Jam Bakery

FS031: The Community You Build Through Food – with Shiel Worcester of Jam Bakery

in Food Truck Financing Podcast

On an all-new episode of FoodTruckr School, Pat talks with Shiel Worcester of Jam Bakery about how she used crowdfunding to kick off her food truck journey and the challenges she faced turning her part-time passion into a full-time business.

Taco Bike - Cayla Mackey

FS030: Changing the World One Taco at a Time – with Cayla of Taco Bike

in Podcast

In today’s episode, we’ve got another amazing food truck alternative for you: Taco Bike. Cayla Mackey brings organic, local, sustainable breakfast tacos to the Nashville community, all from the back of a bicycle. Not only does Taco Bike produce absolutely zero waste, but it’s also the first certified organic restaurant in the South. Sustainability isn’t just Cayla’s business […]

FS028: How to Forge a Food Truck Empire with Jim from Bacon Bacon SF

in Podcast

This week’s guest has taken San Francisco by storm with his ingenious food truck, Bacon Bacon. That’s right—one food truck, twice the bacon! Jim Angelus started out in the restaurant world, but when he and his wife started a family, Jim started looking for a way to escape the difficult hours so common in the restaurant industry. […]

Motivational Quotes

FS026: Building Your Truck with Jeremy from Prestige Food Trucks

in Podcast

I’m so excited to introduce you to the mastermind behind some of the best-designed food trucks I’ve seen. He’s Jeremy Adams, founder of Prestige Food Trucks. The folks at Prestige design and build custom food trucks and mobile kitchens, working with each aspiring food trucker to create a totally unique truck experience every time. They’ve tackled some wild […]

FS025: Reverse Food Trucking with Jacquie Berglund from FINNEGANS

in Podcast

I’m thrilled to bring you this very special episode of the FoodTruckr School Podcast, where I interview Jacquie Berglund, CEO of FINNEGANS and mastermind behind the FINNEGANS Reverse Food Truck. That’s right, a reverse food truck. Instead of selling food, FINNEGANS collects it. This mobile food bank accepts non-perishable food, cash, and even credit card donations. […]


FS024: Food Trucks and Kickstarter with Malcolm Bedell from ‘Wich Please

in Podcast

If you’re thinking about funding your food truck with a Kickstarter, listen up. I’ve got Malcolm Bedell with me on this episode of the Foodtruckr School Podcast, talking about his up-and-coming food truck ‘Which Please. When I say up-and-coming, I mean it: his Kickstarter is happening right now. He’s got just two days to go in […]

Culinary Entrepreneurs

FS023- What to Expect Early in Your Food Truck Career with Conor and JP of Copper Chefs

in Podcast

Smooth starts are rare in the food truck world, as Conor and JP know all too well. As owners of Copper Chefs Food Truck and Catering, they’ve endured their share of trials and tribulations bringing their French-American bistro cuisine to the Houston community. This week, we reap the benefits of their hard-won wisdom! In this episode […]

FoodTruckr with Middle Feast

FS022- Season 5 Great Food Truck Race Champion, Tommy Marudi from Middle Feast!

in Podcast The Great Food Truck Race

Welcome to a special episode of FoodTruckr school! Today, we’re happy to welcome Tommy Marudi to the show, one of the three chefs on the champion food truck from this past season of The Great Food Truck Race. After seven weeks on the road, Middle Feast took home the gold (and their food truck + $50,000!) […]

FS021- Quitting Wall Street to Start a Food Truck with Jeremie and Nissa Banet

in Podcast

Imagine having a job that you’ve worked hard to earn, making great money, and then quitting entirely to do something completely brand new. Well, that’s exactly what today’s guest, Jeremie Banet has done. He has recently quit his full-time job as a successful fund manager on Wall Street to go full-time with a brand new […]

FS020- Food Truck Face Off – Vasavi Kumar

in Podcast

The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network is in the middle of it’s fifth successful season. That tells you something about this industry – it’s growing, and it’s becoming more mainstream. It’s growing so much, The Food Network has decided to air a second show about food trucks called Food Truck Face Off! We couldn’t be […]

FS019- What’s it REALLY Like to Start a Food Truck with Gina from Get the Scoop

in Podcast

Starting a food truck is a dream that is very much alive in today’s world, and many chefs and entrepreneurs are making that dream come true. Like with anything awesome, however, it’s not always the easiest thing in the world to do, which is exactly why we published our brand new book, How to Start a Food […]

FS018- How to Start a Food Truck Book (Foreword and Introduction)

in Podcast

Over the last few months, the team here at FoodTruckr.com has been working overtime getting things ready for something very special: the launch of our brand new book, How to Start a Food Truck: The Definitive Guide! That’s right! Due to popular demand for a convenient, all-in-one how to start a food truck guide, the FoodTruckr team has been […]

Food Truck Propane Safety PERC

FS017- Food Truck Propane Safety with PERC

in Podcast

On July 1st, 2014, a horrific and tragic event happened in Feltonville, Philadelphia when a food truck exploded, injuring 13 people, including 2 critical injuries. Sadly, the two people who were in critical condition died on July 24th. From all of us here at FoodTruckr.com, our prayers, thoughts and condolences to all who were involved […]

FS016- An Education in Food Truck Law with Patrice Perkins of Creative Genius Law

in Podcast

In this episode of FoodTruckr school, we’re happy to welcome Patrice Perkins, a Chicago-based attorney who blogs at Creative Genius Society and also Creative Genius Law. Patrice gives us the low-down on all things legal when it comes to your food truck. Although law isn’t a topic food truck owners typically love to discuss (primarily […]

FS015- Food Truck Marketing Tips and The LA Food Scene with Shawna Dawson

in Podcast

Today, we’re extremely happy to welcome an amazing guest on the show who has a major influence in the LA Food Scene and the growth of food trucks in general! Shawna Dawson co-founded the LA Street Food Fest, founded Artisanal LA (a really cool community event supporting artisanal food entrepreneurs), and also runs Sauce LA, a marketing and PR group for […]

FS014- What You Need to Know about Your Truck with Felix and Scott from KitchensOnWheels.com

in Podcast

In this episode of FoodTruckr School, we welcome Felix and Scott from Kitchens On Wheels, a company that has been helping build food trucks for over a decade! We talk about a lot of important things when it comes to your actual truck, including how to get the right truck, what equipment you need, and […]

FS013- All About Your Food Truck Website

in Podcast Website

Food trucks live and often rely on social media, but what about a food truck’s website? How important is a website for your truck, and what are the best practices for running a useful site that actually helps your business? In this episode of FoodTruckr School, I’m happy to welcome Brian Casel from RestaurantEngine.com, a […]