FS030: Changing the World One Taco at a Time – with Cayla of Taco Bike

Taco Bike - Cayla Mackey

In today’s episode, we’ve got another amazing food truck alternative for you: Taco Bike. Cayla Mackey brings organic, local, sustainable breakfast tacos to the Nashville community, all from the back of a bicycle. Not only does Taco Bike produce absolutely zero waste, but it’s also the first certified organic restaurant in the South.

Sustainability isn’t just Cayla’s business model—it’s a personal passion. As a vegan, Cayla grew frustrated by how difficult it was to enjoy a meal anywhere but her own home. She decided to change that herself, and Taco Bike was born.

Cayla’s here today to give us the low-down on sustainable food trucking, becoming USDA organic and REAL certified, the challenges of being a solo food vendor, and what she would have done differently if she could do it all again. If you’ve got a passion for making a difference with your food trucking, this is the episode for you. Enjoy!

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Image credit: Taco Bike on Kickstarter

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  • Mark Strand April 9, 2015, 11:15 pm

    I already want to spend more time in Nashville, and now I have extra incentive… eating a breakfast taco from Taco Bike is on my bucket list…