It is the practice and purpose of FoodTruckr to help support and foster growth for food truck owners. We want aspiring food truck owners to feel empowered. We want them to succeed. It’s why we created the Guidelines for Sharing Fundraising and Crowdfunding Projects.

The What

Fundraising and crowdfunding (e.g., Kickstarter and IndieGogo campaigns) are viable and powerful means of building the things inventors, creatives, entrepreneurs, and aspiring food truck owners are passionate about, with the help from a crowd of individuals keen on seeing that vision come to fruition.

At FoodTruckr, we receive regular requests to share the funding and crowdfunding campaigns of aspiring food truck owners on social media and other media outlets. While we’re very happy to help support FoodTrucks and the dedicated individuals serving this industry, we also want to maintain our core purpose, which is to continue to provide great FoodTruckr-created content for our community. These Guidelines were created to ensure we’re consistent in our approach to requests of this kind and disciplined in our core purpose.

The How

When we receive a request to share a fundraising or crowdfunding campaign, we’re more than happy to share on our social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter), but the following rules will always apply:

  • Your fundraising or crowdfunding campaign needs to be food truck-related. As in, we’re not in the practice of sharing campaigns for the creation of a life-size replica of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, even if we do think that’s pretty cool. Examples of eligible campaigns include food truck businesses, restaurants that have food trucks as a core part of their business, and charities utilizing a food truck.
  • Upon request to share your food truck-related fundraising or crowdfunding campaign, we will share up to twice per week on our two social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Lastly, we reserve the right to not share your campaign, if we feel that your campaign doesn’t align with our intent to support the goals of passionate, inspired future food truck owners.

Have any questions about the applicability of your fundraiser or crowdfunded campaign? Please contact us at support@foodtruckr.com.

Happy fundraising and crowdfunding, FoodTruckrs!