FoodTruckr Heroes: Destination Desserts

We love food trucks with really specific philosophies, but it’s even better when a truck’s mission supports a truly important cause. Today’s FoodTruckr Hero is a non-profit “social venture bakery” out of St. Louis, MO. Meet Destination Desserts.

Sure, this awesome truck serves up sweet treats like the Need-A-Napkin Brownie, Nutella Cupcake, and Gooey Butter Cookie that are hard to resist—but more importantly, 100% of the truck’s profits go to the Center for Head Injury Services. Destination Desserts also employs people who have struggled with cognitive learning issues like autism and individuals who have sustained major head injuries.

Check out how this truck describes itself on their Mission page

“Destination Desserts is dedicated to support and better the lives of our employees with brain injuries and other cognitive learning challenges while creating and servicing some of the best desserts and confections available.”

Now that’s a philosophy everyone can get behind!

Their mission doesn’t just stop at finding jobs for clients on their trucks—Destination Desserts also provides job training and works to help people find other gainful work throughout the St. Louis area.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the idea behind the truck was conceptualized in 2008 after the economic collapse made it even harder for officials at the Center for Head Injury Services to find work for people with disabilities. In 2012, the business opened and sold 15,000 dozen cookies in its first winter. Then, in May 2013, Destination Desserts hit the streets in its very first food truck. This year, the truck is on track to bring in $105,000—and two employees have already moved on to private sector jobs.

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We’re thrilled to see a food truck being used to support such a great cause, and we know this truck will continue to have a major impact on the lives of their employees, their fans, and everyone who benefits from the Center for Head Injury Services. Destination Desserts has an inspiring mission that other FoodTruckrs and non-profit organizations can learn from, and we wish them all the best as they move forward in helping more people and baking more tasty snacks!

image from Destination Desserts’s Facebook page

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