Welcome to The 12 Days of FoodTruckr!

Cold weather has arrived for much of the country, and the holiday spirit is all around. No matter what events you’re celebrating this season, we hope you’re having a fantastic December that is filled with the love, warmth, and laughter of your dearest family and friends.

At FoodTruckr, we love any excuse we can get to celebrate the festive spirit…which is why we’re so excited to announce our latest promotion! Our email newsletter subscribers got a little teaser about this a couple weeks ago, and now it’s time to share it with the rest of you.

Drum roll, please…

We’re proud to announce:

The 12 Days of FoodTruckr!

Here’s how it all began: We thought for a long time about what we wanted to give you guys for the holidays, but we had a hard time deciding. Would you prefer a ton of amazing new content to take your food truck to the next level? What about a discount on “How to Start a Food Truck: The Definitive Guide”? Tips and tricks from successful FoodTruckrs who are already living the dream? Or how about an official Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle?

Well, lucky for you, we couldn’t decide—so we’re giving you all of those things (except the BB gun—we don’t want anyone shooting their eyes out!) as a part of The 12 Days of FoodTruckr.

Beginning on Sunday, December 14th and running all the way through Christmas Day, we’ll have a brand new blog post every day right here on FoodTruckr.com. Each post will be filled with brand new tips, exciting promotional ideas, and super special savings for you to enjoy. We can’t tell you just yet what awesome insights you’ll find each day… but we can give you a big hint and say that we know you’ll definitely want to be around for Day 1, when we announce one of the biggest gifts of all!

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We can’t wait to celebrate with you this season, and we’re excited to share in these 12 special days of festive food truckin’ with all of you. Stay tuned for the launch of this exciting event on Sunday, December 14th, when we start making all of the wishes on your holiday list come true!

image by Thomas Quine

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