FoodTruckr Heroes: I Love My GFF

Today’s FoodTruckr Hero is on an admirable mission to make healthy, natural foods accessible to everyone—and we totally support their goals. Meet I Love My GFF, a Seattle-based food cart that serves gluten-free organic quinoa bowls filled with delicious veggies, homemade sauces, and free-range chicken.

Now, let’s be clear—we love unhealthy, deep-fried treats and carb-laden meals as much as anyone, and many of our favorite food trucks focus exclusively on these cuisines. But we also think it’s incredibly important for health-conscious establishments to make it big on the food truck scene. Fortunately, I Love My GFF is showing FoodTruckrs everywhere just how it’s done.

Here are the top three things we love about this food cart:

1. The Menu

First off, it’s hard to beat I Love My GFF’s menu if you’re looking for something healthy and natural. The menu is almost entirely organic and 100% gluten-free—all without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction. These bowls are layered with unique flavors and special ingredients that you won’t find just anywhere. Best of all, the bowls are available in both 12 ounce and 16 ounce sizes (and with or without chicken!), so that you can make your meal as hearty and filling as you like.

2. Their Availability

Seattle fans have plenty of options to get their fill of I Love My GFF’s tasty eats! These FoodTruckrs have three carts that travel the city bringing healthy meals to hungry fans. You can find at least two carts serving the lunch rush somewhere every day of the week, and one cart is also available for catering and special events. If you’re looking to make delicious quinoa bowls a part of your daily routine, it’s easy to do with I Love My GFF.

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3. The Education

I Love My GFF owner Andrea started the food cart after learning about the benefits of whole foods from a naturopath who helped her combat some health issues that stemmed from eating gluten and large quantities of dairy. She now teaches others about the benefits of natural foods and makes healthy meals more accessible through I Love My GFF. We especially love this blog post that outlines five tips to help people who have just learned they have a gluten intolerance transition to their new dietary needs.

By working hard to make healthy, gluten-free meals available to everyone and by focusing on teaching fans about the benefits of natural foods, I Love My GFF has proven that food trucks really can be good for everyone. We totally support their mission to make healthy meals more accessible and we can’t wait to see their reach continue to grow!

image from I Love My GFF’s Twitter page

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