Business Bites: Better Social Media Tracking, Measuring Customer Happiness, and Loyalty Programs That Work

Welcome back to another Business Bites, our rundown of the most useful business tips we’ve encountered in the past week.

App of the Week

It takes a lot of Google Docs and Google Sheets to keep FoodTruckr on the road. Google has just released separate apps for each, to improve user experience. If you’re managing your inventory and business details through Google Drive, give these apps a spin.

Better Social Media

As I mentioned last time, Buffer, besides being a powerful tool for managing your social media, has an amazingly informative blog that covers social media and persuasion. I think you’ll find two of their most recent posts incredibly helpful:

Measure Your Customer’s Happiness

Have you considered asking your customers to fill out feedback surveys? We’ve all seen them on the tables at restaurants, but it’s a little trickier when your customer walks away immediately after purchasing. You can offer a small incentive for returning the card on their next visit, such as $1 or a free cookie with their order.

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But what questions should you ask on the survey? This post on the Qualtrics blog offers excellent guidelines for restaurant customer satisfaction surveys.

Reward Customer Loyalty

As the spring season shifts into full gear, have you considered offering your customers a loyalty program? You want to be the truck your customers look for on their lunch hour or at events. Another favorite of mine, the HelpScout blog offers research on how to improve the effectiveness of your loyalty programs.

Is there an area you’d like this column to cover? Let me know in the comments.


Image from Craig Chew-Moulding

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