Food Truck Weddings Are Becoming More And More Popular Nowadays — And For Good Reason


Have you ever imagined having your wedding catered by a food truck? Heck, maybe that is some people’s dream. Dream or not, more and more couples are getting their weddings catered by mobile catering trucks. When you think about how great food truck food is, and the amount of money you could be saving, it really is a no-brainer.

While some folks might be wondering if weddings being catered by food trucks is just a trend, these same folks should be pondering this question: Is saving money a trend? Realistically, getting a wedding catered by a mobile kitchen is a smart option, because of the money factor alone.

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According to, hiring a food truck could save a couple around $3,500. If you could save $3,500 (yes, $3,500!), why wouldn’t you? That money could go toward the honeymoon, or it could simply stay in the bank. Nonetheless, that is a lot of dough.

Here’s the logic they used for that one:

“The average American wedding is running about $66 dollars per guest for reception catering so if you’re running the average number of guests, then you’re looking at around $8,844 in spend.  You should be able to negotiate $20 a guest for the night which would put you at $5,360 for two trucks…saving you around $3,500 bucks!”

So, if you think saving money is a trend, then, sure, maybe food-truck-catered weddings are also a trend.

The best part about the food truck industry — well, one of the best parts, that is — is the fact that there is so much variety. When thinking of a lunch truck, most people probably think of the traditional hot dog stand, or a taco truck, but there are so many unique concepts that also call the food truck industry home. Heck, the crazier the meal, the better. By the way, there is nothing wrong with hot dog stands or taco trucks — we 100 percent support them and the delicious food they have to offer.

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As points out, a good wedding is all about setting the mood, and a lunch truck completely helps out in the ambiance department. Getting a food truck to cater a wedding is considered cool nowadays, and it can also display to the guests that the act of a wedding is a celebration — and people should have fun at celebrations, and weddings.

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Not only is a mobile catering truck delicious and typically cheaper than other options, but it also comes with a flexible eating schedule. There are some pros and cons to this (mostly pros). A flexible eating schedule is a good thing because if someone isn’t hungry, then they can simply eat whenever they want. All they have to do is enter the line of greatness that takes them right to the food truck window. However, a con can come into play if the line gets extremely long. That’s why couples should think about hiring two trucks, especially if there are going to be a lot of people. After all, one food truck can only serve so many people.

Just imagine a food truck showing up late at night to a wedding. Can you picture anything better? The guests — you know, the ones who have been dancing and having a good time — will never be more excited than when they see a food truck showing up at a wedding at night.

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If you are on the food truck side of things (aka you are working at the truck), then you are not only getting your name and brand out there — and making good money — but you are helping to make the bride and groom’s day even more special. Really, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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Oh yeah, outdoor weddings are amazing, and they really help to set the mood, going back to that whole ambiance thing.

One of the best things about having food truck weddings is the food. Yes, we have already touched upon the fact that food truck food is to die for, but there are other benefits that revolve around the food. For example, guests of the wedding can have their meals specialized, which will ensure happy customers. Here’s the big thing: If someone has a food allergy, is crushing the paleo diet, doesn’t eat meat, stays away from gluten or whatever it might be, said someone can get all of his/her needs met when he/she actually orders. The alternative isn’t very intriguing, which consists of the bride and groom actually having to worry about each individual’s wants and needs. Basically, food truck weddings are a one-stop shop for everyone.

Having a food truck cater your wedding might not be the most traditional option of all time, but food truck weddings are becoming more and more popular by the day thanks to the convenience they bring to the table. Plus, the food is amazing.

All in all, couples want their special day to be filled with happy memories and happy people. While a food truck can’t make that goal come true on its own, it can certainly take care of everything in the food department. Food trucks are really taking over the wedding scene — and for good reason.

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