Sign Up For National Food Truck Day (It’s Free!)

National Food Truck Day started in 2016 and – since then – the event has attracted hundreds of participating vendors each year. Now, the holiday is taking on special significance given the pandemic’s effect on the food industry.

Fortune recently reported 10% of restaurants nationwide closed since 2020, 22.5% of which were mobile vendors. Now more than ever, it’s important to support and celebrate the essential workers and small business owners who kept their service windows open during this trying year.

This year, National Food Truck Day (happening June 25) will become a weeklong celebration from June 20 to June 27.

For food truck owners who wish to participate, it’s FREE and takes 2 minutes to sign up.

Just visit this link and enter some basic information.

Unlock More Benefits!

Trucks can take advantage of an exclusive benefits package the food truck catering company Roaming Hunger is offering through their Apple Pay Program. Sign up by May 31 to take advantage of the entire package.

If you’re not yet on Roaming Hunger, you can join for free here:

When you sign up for Roaming Hunger’s Apple Pay Program you’ll get the following:

  • Up to $100 to reimburse any consumer deals/discounts you offer if customers pay with Apple Pay (sign up by May 31st!)
  • You’ll be featured in TimeOut’s media channels (in select markets)
  • You’ll be eligible to have Influencers and Local Press come visit your truck (in select markets)
  • A display that you offer Apple Pay on Roaming Hunger’s map pages along with your location
  • PLUS Access a $25 bonus just for signing up & a chance to win $1,000 (sign up by May 31st)
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NOTE: You do need a Roaming Hunger account to take advantage of this benefits package.

Once you have access to your account, please sign up for National Food Truck Day. The final step will lead you to sign up for the Apple Pay Program so you can unlock more benefits.

Signing up to participate in National Food Truck Day is completely free and there’s no requirement to be a food truck on Roaming Hunger.

Let’s make it the biggest National Food Truck Day ever! We want every food truck to own this special holiday and make it their own. We can’t wait to celebrate your truck!

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