FoodTruckr Heroes: Bacon Bacon

Mmm… bacon.

Let’s be honest—bacon and bacon alone are reasons enough for this week’s valiant hero to earn a spot in our Food Truck Hall of Fame. But these very special FoodTruckrs have gone whole hog in making their business as awesome as possible. Meet Bacon Bacon out of San Francisco, CA.

First up, we love this truck’s branding—it’s clean, simple, and well executed. The homepage bursts with subtle injections of personality (check out their catering promo, t-shirts, and all the fantastic font choices) and their design scheme sings with just a bit of light pink to reflect the natural hue of their menu’s prime offering. There’s even a merch page where their biggest fans can get some sweet swag to represent. “You had me at bacon,” indeed.

We’re also so excited to see that the Bacon Bacon truck has now expanded to an additional Bacon Bacon brick and mortar location. The Bacon Bacon Café on Frederick Street makes it easy for fans to stop by and pick up a fresh sandwich, cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate, or a batch of Bacon Caramel Corn whether they’re on their way to work or play. No matter when the hunger for bacon strikes, San Francisco pig lovers can get what they need from these devoted FoodTruckrs.

Finally, a look at Bacon Bacon wouldn’t be complete without taking a few minutes to salivate over their bacon-licious menu. From their gooey Grilled Cheese stuffed with crispy bacon and bacon jam to the Almost Veggie Breakfast Sandwich (a tasty morning meal loaded with scrambled egg, roasted red pepper, sautéed broccoli rabe, bacon, and provolone), this food truck has found a ton of creative ways to serve up their favorite ingredient.

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Our personal favorite would have to be the Chocolate Covered Bacon or the Bacon Bouquet—a simple snack of five strips of mouthwatering bacon drizzled with delicious, sinfully sweet, 100% maple syrup. Whether you’re looking for something hearty, salty, flavorful, or fresh, Bacon Bacon’s got what you need.

The next time you’re hanging out on the streets of San Fran, be sure to find this tasty truck’s location and get yourself a gourmet treat of bacon-y goodness! In the meantime, we’ll be cheering on another one of our favorite FoodTruckrs and waiting to see what they dream up next.

image from Bacon Bacon’s Facebook page

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