The 12 Days of FoodTruckr: 3 Cool Promotions

On the third day of Christmas, FoodTruckr’s giving you…

Three Cool Promotions!

In the spirit of giving, today’s FoodTruckr post is here to help you give back to your own fans. All year long, your customers love and support you by visiting your truck, telling their friends about your delicious food, and following your pages on social media. Now is the perfect time to show your gratitude by giving away some extra bonuses for them to enjoy. Check out our three favorite promotional ideas below.

1. Buy One, Get One

“Buy one, get one free” deals are an awesome promotion for FoodTruckrs who are looking for more customers because the offer inherently encourages sharing! Sure, a 50% discount is effectively the same cost to you and the customer—but a “buy one, get one free” promo means that your fans will need to bring their friends along to help take care of all the delicious food they’re getting at such a delicious price. That’s extra fun for them—and extra business for your truck.

2. For Facebook Fans Only

You love all your customers, but sometimes it’s important to show those who are making an extra effort to support your truck just how much you appreciate their business. That’s where exclusive discounts like a “For Facebook Fans Only” promotion come in!

Set up a specific discount (30% off everything, free combo meal upgrades, etc.) and publicize it exclusively to fans through a particular platform. Make sure to let them know that this special discount is just for them because you appreciate their extra support so much! And keep in mind, of course, that you can run this type of promotion for any segmented group of fans you have (such as your Twitter followers, your email list, or people who are signed up for your loyalty program). The trick is simply to make the customers who have shown you a little extra love feel extra special.

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3. Loyalty Programs

Without a doubt, loyalty programs are one of our absolute favorite promotional opportunities for FoodTruckrs! Whether you have a system set up that tracks a customer’s purchases and rewards him or her at specific thresholds, or you’re using a simple punch card where the customer gets a stamp for every sandwich he or she purchases, loyalty programs encourage your customers to visit your truck more frequently—and also show them how much you appreciate their continued business. Though loyalty programs take a little more work to set up and maintain than most other promotional opportunities, the increased business (as well as the valuable information you’ll obtain about your customers’ spending habits) make this deal well worth your time. Get your loyalty program set up and ready to debut at the start of the new year for a seasonal promotion that will carry the love into 2015!

The 12 Days of FoodTruckr

Whoa! It’s only Day 3 of The 12 Days of FoodTruckr, and we’re already feeling super festive. If you’ve missed the rest of the celebration, never fear! You can catch up on Day 1 (and the very extra super special sale we’re having) right here and check out yesterday’s post on two new types of trucks here.

Coming up tomorrow: We’ve got four great tips on a specific area of your business that we know has many of you craving information and extra training. Stay tuned!

image by Joe Shlabotnik

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