The 12 Days of FoodTruckr: 5 Golden Podcasts

On the fifth day of Christmas, FoodTruckr’s giving you…

Five Golden Podcasts!

That’s right, FoodTruckrs—today is one of our favorite days of The 12 Days of FoodTruckr, because we get the chance to share some of our favorite moments in podcasting with you. Check out five of the most entertaining and educational episodes from FoodTruckr School below.

1. FS001- Tips, Strategies and More with Mike Swaleh from Tikka Tikka Taco and The Great Food Truck Race

On the very first episode of FoodTruckr School, Pat talked with Mike Swaleh of Tikka Tikka Taco—the runners-up from Season 4 of “The Great Food Truck Race.” Listen here for the scoop on Mike’s experience on the show, the most important lessons he learned about starting a food truck, and some valuable tips for aspiring FoodTruckrs like you.

2. FS009- How Craig Expanded His Food Truck Business into Catering and Classes

In episode 9 of FoodTruckr School, we were excited to feature Craig Barbour, the owner of a North Carolina food truck called Roots. Craig has managed to expand his food truck business beyond typical street sales—he also has developed a successful catering company and also teaches cooking classes for his community! Listen here to learn how Craig does it all.

3. FS014- What You Need to Know about Your Truck with Felix and Scott from

Looking to start your own food truck? You’ll definitely want to check out Episode 14 of FoodTruckr School, featuring Felix and Scott from! In this special episode of the podcast, Pat gets all the details on what you should know before buying a food truck, how to save money on food truck equipment, and what’s next for the food truck industry. Listen here.

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4. FS016- An Education in Food Truck Law with Patrice Perkins of Creative Genius Law

Without a doubt, navigating food truck laws is one of the most challenging parts of starting, owning, and operating a food truck. Fortunately, there are legal experts like Patrice Perkins of Creative Genius Law around to help FoodTruckrs learn everything they need to know! Listen here to get Patrice’s tips on common laws to keep in mind, finding affordable legal service, and supporting positive legal changes in your area.

5. FS024: Food Trucks and Kickstarter with Malcolm Bedell from ‘Wich Please

In one of our most recent episodes, Pat had the chance to talk to Malcolm Bedell, an up-and-coming FoodTruckr whose truck (called “‘Wich, Please”) was successfully funded through Kickstarter in November. Listen here to learn all about how Malcolm ran such a successful campaign, how he transitioned from working in a cubicle to running a food blog, and what’s next for his food truck plans.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas…

Tomorrow on The 12 Days of FoodTruckr, stay tuned for some super fun tips guaranteed to get your truck in the holiday spirit! We’ve still got another week of holiday fun on the way (and another week left for you to save 20% on “How to Start a Food Truck: The Definitive Guide” with the coupon code “12DAYS”)! Happy holidays, FoodTruckrs!

image by Mish Sukharev

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