The 12 Days of FoodTruckr: 6 Ways to Find Your Spirit

On the sixth day of Christmas, FoodTruckr’s giving you…

Six Ways to Find Your Spirit!

If The 12 Days of FoodTruckr haven’t already put you in a seasonal mood, then today’s new post is just for you. Chances are good that the majority of your fans have the holidays on their minds. Whether you catch them when they’re out shopping or when they’re pining for a winter’s treat during the middle of a long work day, you can attract more people to your truck by showing off your festive side. Here are six fun ways to get your food truck in the holiday spirit.

1. Offer a Gift Card Deal

What’s better than sharing the goodness of your food truck with your fans? Allowing them to share it with their friends! Offer a special on gift cards during the holiday season (such as a “Buy $25, get a free lunch” promotion) to drive sales and spread the warmth.

2. Sell Seasonal Goodies

Without a doubt, one of the best things about the holiday season is all the delicious goodies to enjoy. Get your truck in the festive spirit by offering some seasonal twists on your regular menu items or by offering a couple new dishes in honor of the holidays.

3. Head to Festive Events

Though winter can make it tough for some food trucks to hit their regular street stops, the season can also open up new opportunities for other trucks to attend events and festivals! Many cities hold holiday-themed community events and food truck festivals in December. Find out what’s happening in your city and take your truck to where the people are spending their time.

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4. Decorate Your Truck

A few lights in your dashboard, a pair of reindeer antlers and a Rudolph nose attached to your truck—these are all great ways to decorate your truck and show your fans how excited you are about the holidays. For extra fun, tie a Christmas tree to your rooftop and drive around town doing your regular street stops as though you just picked up your tree and are heading home soon!

5. Give Presents to Your Fans

Though you can definitely give back to your fans by offering gift card promos and brand new menu items during the holidays, we especially love it when food trucks offer extra bonus gifts alongside their meals. Give each of your fans a small present whenever they visit to show them how much you appreciate their business. Think something small like a coupon for a free menu item, a candy cane or small bag of chocolate, or a fun holiday-themed party favor.

6. Invite Santa to Your Truck

This last idea is only for trucks that are seriously committed to the holiday spirit—but if you’re willing to go the extra mile to bring some festive fun to your fans, then it might be for you! Ask Santa Claus (or one of his many helpers!) to visit your truck for an afternoon and hear what all of your smallest fans want for Christmas. It’s a great promotional opportunity and a fun way to make visiting your food truck a special occasion for the whole family!

The 12 Days of FoodTruckr

Now that we’re really getting into the swing of things with The 12 Days of FoodTruckr, we’d like to start recapping all the gifts we’ve given you over the past few days! Here’s what our elves have been busy cooking up for you:

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