3 Creative Yet Basic Ways To Make Your Food Truck Environment More Enjoyable

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If you want customers to come raining down on you this summer (minus the actual rain, of course), then you need to make sure your food is as good as it can possibly be, your customer service is otherworldly and your food truck environment is enjoyable for everyone involved.

For the purposes of this article, we will be unleashing three creative — yet basic — ways to make your food truck environment more enjoyable. Use these ways, if you will, to your advantage, and good luck this spring/summer!

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3 Creative Yet Basic Ways To Make Your Food Truck Environment More Enjoyable

  • Drop A Beat
  • Make The Food Fun
  • Make People Feel Like They Are Part Of A Community

Drop A Beat

The power of music cannot go unnoticed.

Everyone loves music. That’s just a fact of life. Use it to your advantage, food truck owners!

Not sure what to play? For starters, don’t play songs that are vulgar. Next up, you can incorporate some upbeat tunes, some feel-good music. If you really want to take this a step further, you can ask your mobile kitchen customers (on Facebook as a poll, or in person) what they want to hear at your lunch truck.

Music alone can turn a bad day into a good one, and it can certainly change a bad mood into a good one. If you continue to play upbeat music (music that makes people happy), then people will start to associate this music with your food truck. That is a huge benefit for you, and this trick alone could lead to your environment being more enjoyable.

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Make The Food Fun

We aren’t saying you should change up your entire menu. Instead, we are saying to incorporate some fun food items, and especially ones that remind people of spring and summertime, such as ice cream and hot dogs.

You can also achieve this feat by incorporating daily/weekly/monthly specials. Keep your food truck customers guessing, get creative in the kitchen and make some of your meals (even if it is just one) fun in some fashion.

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Make People Feel Like They Are Part Of A Community

The last step to making your food truck environment more enjoyable is going to take some time, especially if you are new to the mobile kitchen industry. Not to mention, there are an endless amount of ways to achieve this goal.


For starters, you can do more than just take your customer’s order by asking how said customer’s day is going, and things of that nature, and by also greeting this person on a first-name basis. You can also hold giveaways, and label your food truck as a community.

Not only will your food truck environment be more enjoyable by incorporating this step but your customers will feel like they are part of something as well, and they will certainly enjoy every journey they take to your mobile kitchen.

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