Dealing With Difficult Clients As A Food Truck Owner


While a large amount of business for food truck owners likely comes from customers, many mobile kitchen owners also deal with clients.

What do we mean by clients?

People you talk to for catering gigs, food truck events and even large companies in which you will park outside of an apartment complex, gym, etc. After all, you’re directly talking with these people, who aren’t direct customers who order and purchase food but can be considered more like clients.

As an example, a large apartment complex might hire you for your services so its occupants can eat at your truck. The apartment is your client while the people living in the apartment are your customers.

In many different ways, food truck owners deal with clients. So, how do you deal with difficult clients?

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Dealing With Difficult Clients As A Food Truck Owner

That’s where we would like to turn it over to Ian Smith of Evolve Media.

Smith, a partner of FoodTruckr, specializes in digital marketing, and he created a YouTube video that’s jam-packed with information relating to difficult clients.

While the video relates to the freelance world, we believe it can still be beneficial when it comes to food truck owners dealing with their clients.

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Whether you’ve dealt with difficult clients in the past or plan on being hired for your services in the future, we highly recommend this video.

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You can also subscribe to Smith’s YouTube page by following this link and clicking the subscribe button and learn about Facebook Messenger as well as other digital marketing methods.

We also encourage FoodTruckrs to visit Evolve Media and check out their ManyChat Messenger templates as they will help you with your digital marketing needs, to say the least.

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