Food Truck Marketing Tip: Use Facebook Messenger & ManyChat


Facebook Messenger marketing is all the rage nowadays (read more about it here) and food truck owners can really benefit by adding it to their digital marketing strategies.

To help give you a better idea of how Facebook Messenger and ManyChat can help your business, we’re going to turn it over to Evolve Media owner and partner of FoodTruckr Ian Smith.

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Food Truck Marketing Tip: Use Facebook Messenger & ManyChat

Instead of using email marketing, Smith uses “Messenger as a way to give people a lot more information and follow up via tutorial videos and quick tips in a way that’s much more personal and one-on-one.”

He also takes advantage of calendar bookings with Facebook Messenger and allows people to set up a meeting with him when interested by providing a “Calendly link in my chatbot message which links them to the available days and times to talk.”

That strategy alone can be essential for food truck owners who routinely make visits to apartments, gyms, business districts, etc. After all, this allows the managers and owners of these companies to easily reach you to set up times for your food truck business to serve food.

It’s all about convenience and making your life and the customer’s life easier and this technique can help with that.

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Here are some of the other ways Evolve Media is using Facebook Messenger and ChatBots:

Questionnaire Chatbot For Qualified Leads & Clients

Giveaway Chatbot For Engagement, List Building, & Purchases

Webinar Chatbot For Registrations & Qualified Leads

We encourage mobile kitchen owners to read this article to see how you can use these tools to help take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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If you’re more of a video person, then check out the video version of how Evolve Media uses Facebook Messenger and ManyChat. You can also subscribe to Smith’s page by following this link and clicking the subscribe button and learn more about Facebook Messenger as well as other digital marketing methods.

We also encourage FoodTruckrs to visit Evolve Media and check out their ManyChat Messenger templates as they will help you with your messenger and marketing needs, to say the least.

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