Where Local Food Truck Businesses Should Advertise In 2019


As you likely already know, advertising and marketing, although not as fun as putting a smile on customers’ faces with your delicious meals, are essential in the food truck industry.

With that in mind, we pose this question: Where should local businesses, such as food trucks, advertise in 2019?

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Where Local Food Truck Businesses Should Advertise In 2019

To better answer that question, we turn to Ian Smith, a partner of FoodTruckr and owner of digital marketing agency Evolve Media.

In a recent Evolve Media article, Smith maps out ways for businesses to advertise locally, and it all starts on social media.

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While you might think marketing and advertising on Facebook are only for national companies (of course, some food trucks are national), it’s possible to target a specific audience on Facebook which can help you stand out among the competition in your area.

Via the Evolve Media article:

With a video ad, the viewer can consume more and understand more information about the business as opposed to the limited amount of information on a sign. Your office address, the primary product or service you offer, and a phone number is only the beginning. In a video ad on Facebook, you can also include customer testimonials, reasons why you’re the expert above your competitor, and a brief tour of your office to give the potential customer peace of mind and build trust with them.

While everyone’s strategies are different and not every food truck business advertises the same, we encourage mobile kitchen owners to check out Smith’s article here to see how you can bring your advertising game to a new level.

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If you rather see the video version of the article, then you can watch it on Smith’s YouTube page by following this link.

We also encourage FoodTruckrs to visit Evolve Media to learn more about digital marketing. You can also subscribe to Smith’s YouTube page by following this link and clicking the subscribe button.

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