Why Food Truck Owners Should Grow A Messenger Subscriber List

Messenger Subscriber List

Not long ago, you probably heard digital marketing experts talk about how food truck owners need to grow email lists. Well, a new strategy has emerged and it involves creating a new kind of list: A messenger subscriber list.

Messenger marketing is beneficial for many different reasons, and we encourage food truck owners to grow a messenger subscriber list for the reasons below.

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Why Food Truck Owners Should Grow A Messenger Subscriber List

  • Messenger marketing is more effective
  • Go where your customers are
  • Get ahead of the competition
  • Develop better relationships with your customers

4.) Messenger marketing is more effective

Messenger marketing is more effective than other forms of marketing (such as email marketing) because it can substantially increase open rates. In fact, Evolve media points out that “Messenger marketing is said to be 10X more effective than email marketing.”

In a case study, the same company increased open rates from 25 to 98 percent with ManyChat, which “lets you create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support” (via ManyChat.com).

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3.) Go where your customers are

Your friends have Facebook, your family members have Facebook, your customers have Facebook and you likely even have a Facebook page for your food truck business. This makes it easy to go where your customers are and then engage with them, which could lead to an increase in followers, sales and people eating delicious food at your mobile kitchen.

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Your audience is already on social media, so it only makes sense to target them with messenger marketing on the platforms they’re already using.

2.) Get ahead of the competition

While messenger marketing is said to be the next big thing, not every industry has caught on yet. This is the perfect time for you to get ahead of the competition in the already-competitive food truck industry. If your competitors aren’t implementing messenger marketing yet, then they will be soon enough.

Wouldn’t you rather strike first and be ahead of the curve? Now’s the time to create and grow your messenger subscriber list.

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1.) Develop better relationships with your customers

Messenger marketing allows you to build deeper relationships with your food truck customers because it’s more personal and direct. You’re sending a message straight to a follower’s messenger app and then interacting with him or her in a one-on-one setting.

While this can ring true for email marketing, your emails could go straight to a follower’s spam folder. Email marketing can also feel less personal since the email is likely a “blast” and is being sent to your entire list.

The nature of messenger marketing allows the conversation to be more personal, which can do wonders for your customer service game and lead to more food truck sales. If nothing else, it allows you to reach your customers directly and gives them the opportunity to engage with your food truck business (and vice versa).

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