Why Mobile Kitchen Owners Should Market Their Trucks On Facebook And Grow A Messenger Subscriber List


The food truck industry might be friendly in nature but it’s also a competitive field that has an endless amount of competition. Cooking delicious meals and implementing new recipes, unfortunately, isn’t good enough, and many owners don’t find that out until they become food truck owners.

How can owners stand out in a competitive field that seems to be growing by the day?

While many food truck owners fancy themselves chefs, they’re also business owners and need to treat their food trucks as such. That means FoodTruckrs should be implementing the latest trends in the business and marketing worlds, and that’s where marketing on Facebook and growing a messenger subscriber list come into play.

Word-of-mouth marketing and other traditional methods might work now, but “85% of customer-business relationships will be through technology” (via Forbes). Facebook Messenger marketing is going to be a big one.

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What is Facebook Messenger marketing?

In a nutshell, Facebook Messenger marketing is marketing to your customers via the Facebook Messenger app. It’s an up-and-coming way of marketing and many digital marketing experts are using it in the same way they would use email marketing. For example, instead of sending email blasts about their product and services, digital marketing gurus are optimizing those messages for Facebook chats and sending them directly to their customers and followers.

What’s the difference between messenger marketing and email marketing? Well, the biggest difference is the fact that the open rates tend to be higher with messenger marketing which means users are actually opening these messages at a higher rate than emails.

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Therefore, with Facebook Messenger marketing, food truck owners can reach their customers at a higher rate, which could lead to them spreading their message and people coming to their food trucks (or whatever the owners are trying to achieve with their messenger campaigns).

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On top of that, Facebook Messenger marketing can help you develop deeper relationships with your customers since messenger marketing is more personal than email marketing in many ways. Plus, it’s an up-and-coming marketing strategy that can help you get ahead of the competition.

Now that you have a better idea of what Facebook Messenger marketing is, the next step is building — and growing — a messenger subscriber list.

Why build a messenger subscriber list?

As we stated in this article, there are plenty of benefits of growing a messenger subscriber list, such as going where the competition hasn’t been yet and also engaging in a more effective and efficient way with your food truck customers.

It might be easier for you to grow as well since your food truck is likely already on Facebook and you already have fans as a result. Therefore, you won’t have to ask people to opt-in to your newsletter or go email hunting. You can simply reach out to people who want to be reached out to since they’re already following you and like what your business has to offer, which is quality food.

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With that in mind, keeping an email list is still a valuable marketing tactic — it’s just messenger marketing is catching on in a big way and appears to be the future.

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