3 Keys To Food Truck Success In 2018


Editor’s Note: Today we’re excited to present a post from Jeremy Adams. Jeremy is the President/CEO of Prestige Food Trucks, which is the world’s leading custom food truck manufacturer. In his current role as President/CEO, Jeremy manages dozens of employees, interacts with clients, and maintains a healthy relationship with all of his business partners. Since Prestige, Jeremy has launched many other successful companies.

There are many ways to succeed in the food truck industry. After all, what works for one person … well, might not work for another person.

With that said, we want every food truck owner to achieve a massive amount of success in 2018. Therefore, we will be providing three keys to food truck success in 2018, and said keys can be found below.

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3 Keys To Food Truck Success In 2018

3.) Become An Expert In The Customer Service Department

We have said it so many times before, but we really can’t hammer this point home enough: Your customer service has to be leaking with quality, from how you treat your customers to how your employees treat your customers.

No, you are not going to make every single customer happy, because customer disputes do happen, but the main point is this: If your customers are not happy, then they might not return, they might tell their friends about their, in this case, lousy experience, they might leave a bad review or all of the above. All of those things could damage your credibility at your mobile kitchen business, so do everything in your power to become an expert in the customer service department in 2018.

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If you are new to the food truck industry, then make sure to ask fellow food truck owners how they deal with unhappy customers, read books about customer service, etc.

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2.) Communicate Your Business’ Goals And New Practices To Your Food Truck Team

Goals are the things that are going to take your business to the next level — well, when they are achieved, that is. Nonetheless, if you want to be the best possible manager/boss/leader you can be, then you need to become a better communicator, and for the purposes of this point, you should communicate your business’ goals and new practices to your food truck team.

After all, your employees are not mind readers. Not to mention, if you want things to change, then you have to tell your employees about these changes. This one might sound super basic, but there are so many managers in many different fields (yes, even the food truck industry) who are seriously lacking in the communication department. If you are one of those people, then your business could take a hit in the form of things not changing, employees leaving because there is no form of communication from the top and the list could go on and on.

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1.) Become Adaptable

One of the greatest qualities to have: Being adaptable. Things are not going to go according to plan in 2018, but if you become adaptable, then you won’t let things faze you, and you will also be able to change things up on the fly. On the other hand, if you let things faze you, then one problem could lead to another, and then another, and then another…

While there most definitely needs to be structure at any business, you cannot expect everything to go according to plan all the time, and changes are going to have to be made over and over again. If you are adaptable, then you will be a better leader, you will be better at solving your business’ problems, your food truck will thrive, etc.

If you practice the three keys to success above, then you will likely see more success in 2018.

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