3 Marketing Tactics Food Truck Owners Should Incorporate In 2019


2019 is almost here and if you want to increase sales and attract more customers to your food truck in the new year, then you might need to up your marketing game.

Luckily, we’re going to feature three ways you can do exactly that. Use these strategies to your advantage, and we hope 2019 is your most successful year yet!

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3 Marketing Tactics Food Truck Owners Should Incorporate In 2019

  • Create a social media content strategy
  • Spread brand awareness on a daily basis
  • Messenger marketing

3.) Create a social media content strategy

You, more than likely, have a Facebook page for your food truck. You might even have a social media/content strategy. If you don’t, then we highly recommend it because it can lead to better engagement with your customers. It can also help to increase your following and turn followers into customers at your food truck.

A good starting point would be to see which posts received the most engagement in 2018. Even if you want a simplified strategy in terms of posting on certain days of the week, this strategy could go a long way with your marketing efforts. And, of course, pictures of your food or recipe-like videos should do well on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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2.) Spread brand awareness on a daily basis

You can do this in a number of different ways and your food truck is going to naturally do this because it’s like a mobile billboard — it features your logo and name. Doing more catering gigs and traveling to different locations can help you spread brand awareness as a result.

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Another step is encouraging customers to like or follow you on the social media platforms you’re on. You can do that by having your, just as an example, Twitter handle on your food truck, menu or anywhere around your food truck window. It just needs to be visible so customers can see it.

You can also encourage customers to follow you on a certain platform or leave a review by giving them a 5 percent discount to do so. No matter what you decide to do, spreading brand awareness can help you reach your marketing goals in 2019.

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1.) Messenger marketing

We’ve been singing messenger marketing’s praises all December and that’s because we believe it can make a big difference for food truck owners.

In case you missed it, we encourage you to read this article to learn about some of the benefits of messenger marketing and what it can do for your food truck business. We also encourage you to reach out to Evolve Media to learn more about messenger marketing.

Happy holidays and we hope these simple — yet effective — marketing tactics can do you wonders in the new year!

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