3 Ways To Incorporate A Side Hustle In The Food Truck Industry

Side Hustle

If you are a food truck owner who is living out his/her dream in the mobile kitchen industry, then you don’t need a side hustle, right? Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

No matter what your job title is (in this case, it is Food Truck Owner), you can incorporate a side hustle, and you should.

First things first, here are some reasons why a side hustle is important:

  • It leads to you making more money.
  • It leads to you getting your name (and your food truck business’ name) out there.
  • It leads to more customers.
  • It leads to you learning/gaining more knowledge.
  • It leads to networking opportunities.

While a side hustle isn’t an essential part (in other words, a must-have) of the process, it is still very important, especially if your side hustle has something to do with your food truck. With that in mind, below you will find some great ways to incorporate a side hustle in the food truck industry.

We aren’t trying to trick anyone here — you really should be adding the ingredients below on the side, because they will lead to all of the invaluable benefits stated above.

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3 Ways To Incorporate A Side Hustle In The Food Truck Industry

Teach: If you run a successful food truck business, then surely you have valuable advice to dish out. Believe it or not, you could charge for this advice in the form of one-on-one coaching. You could even offer an online class, but make sure you have the correct platform before getting started, because you don’t want to sink a bunch of time and effort into an online course that no one knows about. Nonetheless, if you have great advice to give as a result of conquering this industry over the years, then you can literally teach people what you know for a (reasonable) fee. This type of thing happens in so many other industries, so why not make it happen in the food truck industry?

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Side Hustle

Sell Product: In terms of selling product, we mean selling your food in bulk on top of actually cooking it and serving your customers as they order. For example, let’s say your food truck makes the best jelly. Well, you could sell said jelly in jars on the side. You could also sell shirts, hats, bottle openers or things of that nature; however, if you give that type of stuff away for free, it could lead to brand awareness. Nonetheless, selling some of your items in bulk (where you see fit, of course) could be your form of side hustle.

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Cater: This is a very popular side hustle in the food truck industry. Heck, some food trucks make most of their money from catering gigs. Catering gigs are great because you are, more likely than not, serving customers you have never served before, and they are also on top of your normal food truck efforts/locations, meaning these catering gigs are actually providing another source of income. Catering gigs can lead to you attracting more customers on a routine basis, especially if you do a great job and everyone loves your food. Plus, one catering gig could lead to another one, so be prepared to answer any questions relating to your catering services. You could even have some form of sign-up sheet for catering gigs in the future at a current gig.

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Side Hustle

There are plenty of ways to add a side hustle into the mix when you are a food truck owner, such as the three techniques above. These side hustles will, of course, be in addition to your daily/weekly services. They are beneficial for so many different reasons. After all, they could lead to you making even more money, your truck gaining more customers, you defeating burnout because you are adding something new into the mix and the list could go on and on.

What are you doing right now to up your side hustle game? Respond in the comment section to let us know!

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