3 Ways to Use Google Trends For Your New Food Truck Business



Google Trends is a really powerful tool, especially for a food truck business. The name of the site speaks for itself: it helps the user to monitor the general tendency in users’ Google search.

This priceless information may come in handy for you, a person who wants to start or promote their food truck business. If you use and understand how it works right, then you will feel the benefit it can bring you almost immediately. Here are three ways that you can use Google Trends for the sake of your food truck business.

Know What Is Trendy Right Now and Do Not Lag Behind

Trends are sometimes difficult to understand. While being a social media user yourself you have probably acknowledged that it is hard to monitor the trends when there is so much information out there on the Internet. Google Trends is a patient observer of this situation, not an active participator. It analyzes all the information users search and presents it to you in the form of tables and diagrams. For example, let’s type “food” in the search line.

These are the most searched phrases for the past 12 months in the USA related to food. As we can see, among all of them we can identify fast food, food delivery, food near me, Chinese cuisine and Mexican food as the most popular. If we enter “best food for”, among results like related to dog food, we can see that the prevailing phrases are “bets food for weight loss”, “best food for protein”, “best food for energy”, “best food for allergies”.

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And among the related topics, we can see topics of weight loss, diet, stomach, allergy, vegetable and so on. Making connections to our own experience and observations, meaning numerous posts on Instagram and Youtube about a healthier lifestyle, weight loss motivation and tips, we can make the conclusion that healthy food is definitely trendy today.

Therefore, if we connect the two results we can make something unique – healthy Chinese or Mexican food truck. Why not? Take into account popular diets and lifestyles, like keto, veganism, paleo, vegan diet, non-alcoholic drinks, organic foods, waste-free cooking. If you add the service of delivery, you will get an even bigger advantage. It was a basic example, but if you spend some time digging deeper and exploring the tangled nets of the Internet, you will definitely find the treasure.

See What Is Popular In Your Region

Not all of us live in the USA, so let’s virtually go to Canada and find out whether the healthy lifestyle is popular there.

By entering “vegan” into the “Explore” line, we can see that the interest in veganism is stable and is continuing to rise and that it is most popular in British Columbia, Ontario and Yukon Territory.

“Healthy food” shows that it is a popular concept in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta and that people are thinking about budget options to save some cash. If you open your healthy Chinese food truck in a region where, as Google shows, people show less interest in a healthy lifestyle or Asian cuisine, your business can be less profitable. However, do not be afraid of being the first.

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Let’s analyze one more example – here is a map of Ukraine which shows the popularity of healthy food in different regions of the country. Some regions are completely grey, but there is no threat in bringing new concepts and ideas to a place where it is not popular yet.

Get More From Trends Results with Other Google Services

If you search for something in Google, you rarely get to the fifth or tenth page, because the results which matched your demand were placed on the first pages. However, it does not mean that the rest of the websites which remain on other pages are not relevant. Their titles are just made of different keywords.

If you have a website, then try to enrich its pages with as many possible keywords as possible. Those can be both the text that the site visitors read and site code which is read by the search engine. The greatest advice is to place six of the most popular key phrases in the meta title and meta description. These actions will bring your website higher on the list if one of those key phrases is entered by a user. By the way, Google Trends are also suitable for keywords research but it should not be the only tool for this task.

If you do not have a website, then you can use the service of Google My Business. This Google service is an online directory, which will help you to interact with customers more. First and foremost, you need to ask your most faithful customers to write a review for your business or at least put a star rating.

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If you do not mind spending some more money on promotion then you can also use Google Ads, Facebook Business Ads and Youtube Paid Advertising. The best thing about Google Ads is that you can decide which region you want your advertisement to be seen and only pay for “clicks” – for ads that a potential customer clicked on.


As you can see, a free Internet site like Google Trends can be very helpful in your tough journey of food truck business building. Keep your eyes open on the insights you can get from it, find a supply gap and fill it with your food truck service.

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