Building An Email Leads List Can Be Beneficial For Your Food Truck Sales


You may or may not send out emails to your food truck customers.

Believe it or not, doing so could be beneficial for your sales.

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Building An Email Leads List Can Be Beneficial For Your Food Truck Sales

Turning it over to Ian Smith, who is a partner of FoodTruckr and owner of Evolve Media, “One effective way to build that trust is to provide them with valuable content, which if done well, results in a long email list of leads, and ultimately customers. If you do the legwork it will lead to more sales” (via an article Smith published on Evolve Media).

While we highly recommend food truck owners to read Smith’s article here to see how an email leads list could benefit your business, we’re going to dish out a sneak peek of what’s in store…

  • “If You Focus On Selling First, You’re Missing Opportunities To Make More Sales And Long-Term Customers.”
  • “If You Provide Value To Your Audience, They’re More Likely To Trust You And Buy From You.”
  • “Your Customers Are Easier To Work With After You’ve Warmed Them Up With Content.”

Want to learn how to build a subscriber list for your food truck business? One of our managing partners here at FoodTruckr has put together an AMAZING FREE GUIDE that will teach you everything you need to know about getting started with Messenger Marketing! Click here to get your free guide.

To read more about how building an email leads list can be beneficial to your business, you can read the entire Evolve Media article here.

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You can also subscribe to Smith’s YouTube page by following this link and clicking the subscribe button and learn about Facebook Messenger as well as other digital marketing methods.

We also encourage FoodTruckrs to visit Evolve Media and check out their ManyChat Messenger templates as they will help you with your digital marketing needs, to say the least.

Looking to take your food truck business to the next level? If so, then The Food Truck Growth Kit has your name written all over it!

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