Flashback Friday: Deliver Excellent Customer Service At Your Food Truck

Customer Service

As many food truck owners likely already know, quality customer service is a must-have at any mobile kitchen business (and business in general).

Therefore, we will pose this question: How’s your customer service looking?

In hopes of dishing out some pointers and advice in that department, we will be delivering this article for this week’s edition of Flashback Friday: How to Run a Food Truck 05: Deliver Excellent Customer Service.

Make sure to read the preview below, and click on the link to the article so you can check out all of the ingredients, if you will.

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Flashback Friday: Deliver Excellent Customer Service At Your Food Truck

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How to Run a Food Truck 05: Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Today on FoodTruckr, we’re super excited to dive right back in to our “How to Run a Food Truck” series! If you’ve been following along, you’ve already spent several weeks out on the streets and mastered a few important lessons. Let’s take a quick minute to review—in the last unit, you trained your new food truck employees, practiced plating and presenting your meals, learned how to send location updates to attract more fans, and used some awesome new apps to simplify your business. That’s great progress on some super important topics…so, way to go!

While the first few lessons were geared toward helping you get up and running and navigating your earliest days on the road, this next unit is going to be full of lessons that you’ll use throughout your entire career. We’ll be talking about customer service—including lessons on how to make your customers happy, what to do when a customer has a bad experience, and promotions and extra ways to create a legion of loyal fans who keep returning for more. If you want your truck to survive your first year on the road (and to set yourself up for many successful years in the future!), you need to learn how to deliver great service now.

Let’s get started today by learning why customer service matters so much—and then we’ll give you a handy tool you can use to deliver a five-star experience every time. Order up!

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Before we give you the link, we wanted to give you some more preview action.

1. Give a Friendly Greeting

First things first—you begin the FEAST Experience by delivering a friendly greeting to each customer. Your friendly greeting can take many forms—it might be a “Hey there, how’s it going?” called out to everyone who’s walking by, or a “Welcome to [your food truck]! Can I offer you a sample of [your signature dish] today?” to each person who walks up to the window. Your greeting should be tailored to you and your truck and reflective of your brand. A friendly greeting is your customer’s first introduction to your truck, which means that it sets an expectation for the quality and type of service that they’re going to receive.

You can make the best first impression possible by ensuring that your greeting is sincere. Though we recommend staying upbeat and positive in your approach, it’s most important to know your own style. If you’re the furthest thing away from perky in your day-to-day life, putting on a chipper face might come out looking a little forced and disingenuous. Remember how thankful you are for your customers and allow that feeling of gratitude to guide your greetings—a simple, heartfelt “Hey there! What can I get for you?” accompanied by an honest smile is preferable to a bored, surly, “Hi, what do you want?” any day.

To read the entire article, make sure to follow this link.

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We hope this article can help you bring your customer service game to the next level. Nonetheless, good luck conquering the rest of the year!

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