Outside-The-Box Ways For Food Truck Owners To Incorporate Marketing


While everyone’s food truck business is different and every food truck owner focuses on different marketing strategies as a result, we want to highlight five articles that were published right here on FoodTruckr.

Our hope is that you can get value from these articles which feature marketing strategies that might not typically be seen in the food truck industry.

While we will feature a preview for each article, we encourage you to click on each link to really dive into the information-packed articles.

Outside-The-Box Ways For Food Truck Owners To Incorporate Marketing

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5.) How A Messenger Bot Template Can Benefit Food Truck Owners

Preview: “As FoodTruckr partner Ian Smith states, Messenger bot templates can help you “Connect with your audience on a deeper level using automated ManyChat Messenger Bot Templates that make sense for your brand and your goals while saving time and money spent on building custom bots” (via Evolve Media).”

4.) Building An Email Leads List Can Be Beneficial For Your Food Truck Sales

Preview: “Turning it over to Ian Smith, who is a partner of FoodTruckr and owner of Evolve Media, “One effective way to build that trust is to provide them with valuable content, which if done well, results in a long email list of leads, and ultimately customers. If you do the legwork it will lead to more sales” (via an article Smith published on Evolve Media).”

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3.) Food Truck Marketing Tip: Use Facebook Messenger & ManyChat

Preview: “That strategy alone can be essential for food truck owners who routinely make visits to apartments, gyms, business districts, etc. After all, this allows the managers and owners of these companies to easily reach you to set up times for your food truck business to serve food.”

2.) How ManyChat Can Help Food Truck Owners

Preview: “If one of your New Year’s resolutions/goals is to increase your sales and gain customers, then you have to make changes. You can’t just hope that next year will be better and more people will come to your truck. Plus, your food probably isn’t the problem. Your product (aka your food) is likely exactly where it needs to be. Unfortunately, there might not be enough people who know about your truck and the competition is also fierce in the food truck industry.”

1.) Benefits Of Messenger Marketing For Your Food Truck Business

Preview: “Not only is Facebook Messenger easy to use but you and your customers are already on it — well, at least the customers and fans who are already following your food truck on Facebook. Therefore, you can easily connect with them since you’re on the same platform.”

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