Should You Spend A Lot Of Money For Your Food Truck’s Grand Opening?

Grand Opening

You finally purchased your food truck and got it customized to fit all of your needs (not to mention, it has your awesome logo on it!). You knocked your business plan out of the park. You have your menus down. You know where your locations are going to be. You hired an employee or two, and you are basically ready to conquer the food truck industry. However, there is one crucial thing you have to tackle next: The grand opening.

Your grand opening is a big deal. After all, it is a celebration for the opening of your business. On top of that, it is first-impression time, and you want to make a good first impression on everyone, right? In hopes of doing just that, it’s important to do a very, very good job at your grand opening.

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Okay, it’s time to pose the question we have all been waiting for: Should you spend a lot of money for your food truck’s grand opening?

It depends…

If you have the means to make your grand opening the biggest opening in food truck history, then, well, you can do just that. With that said, we will say this: Your grand opening doesn’t have to be this big, extravagant thing to be a success.Grand Opening

The key is promoting your grand opening well ahead of time so you have customers flooding the scene when your big day arrives. Another key is getting to know your customers and interacting with them. Of course, the food is a very important part as well. After all, if your food is amazing, then surely people will come back for more. If it is just average, then it’s going to be tough to retain customers, especially when you are first breaking into this industry.

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While spending a lot of money on your grand opening would be nice, you do not want to dig yourself into a hole in the very first week of your business’ existence. Given the fact that this industry is so competitive and mobile kitchens are becoming more and more popular, putting yourself in a financial hole is the last thing you want.

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How about this: Spend money where the money needs to be spent. For example, spend money on promoting your truck, your grand opening. The more people who know about your grand opening, the better, which is why digital marketing, and marketing in general, should play a major role.

Grand OpeningWhile everyone wants their grand opening to be fun, if you focus on making good art (in this case your food), then your meals and recipes will steal the show. After all, folks are traveling to your mobile catering truck to test out your food.

The key is to make a budget for your grand opening. If your budget allows you to be a little more extravagant with your big opening, then so be it. If not, then that is fine as well.

Above all else, make sure you are creating enough awareness, focus on your food and treat your customers right. Treat your grand opening like a networking party, if you will. Oh yeah, and make sure to have fun! Your grand opening marks the date that your dream became a reality — the day you became a food truck owner.

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