Simple Ways To Gain New Food Truck Customers This Summer


You can never have too many customers in the food truck industry. That would be like saying you have too much money.

In the spirit of that thinking, below you will find some simple ways to gain new food truck customers this summer. If nothing else, these are just unique ways to help you think outside the box, which will hopefully lead to healthy food truck lines all summer long!

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Simple Ways To Gain New Food Truck Customers This Summer

  • First and foremost, you can make sure you provide the ultimate customer service experience … for every single customer (yes, even the angry ones!).
  • Start branching out via food truck events and catering gigs. Naturally, you will have new customers venture to your truck if you start tackling events and catering gigs. After all, you will be branching out from your normal location(s), and you will be bringing your truck to new people.
  • Turn up that social media game. Social media is a great way to attract new customers, and it is also a great way to give your current customers more (via videos, engaging content and informative articles).
  • Change up the menu! You don’t have to do this every week, or even every month, but it is never a bad idea to give your customers something new, even if it is just one new food item.
  • Offer summer specials! For example, you can offer a happy hour from the hours of 2-4 p.m. during the weekdays. This happy hour could consist of anything, such as summer beverages being 50 percent off.
  • Give things away for free! While you don’t want to go broke by giving away free meals left and right, you can attract customers, and take your social media efforts to the next level in the process, by holding giveaways on Facebook. This little trick will get people to your food truck — because everyone likes free food, even if it is just a free side or drink.
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  • Give off a summer vibe. Everyone loves summer, and everyone likes to venture to places that give off a summer vibe during the — you guessed it — summer. You can do this by incorporating summer songs, summer foods or whatever you would like.
  • This is sort of a combo between some of the bullet points above, but here it goes anyway: Make your food truck experience the ultimate experience. People should want to come to your mobile kitchen. (1) Because of the food, and (2) because you treat every single customer like they are the No. 1 customer. Your food truck should be a fun experience for everyone involved! Simply venturing to your lunch truck should be quite the experience.

There are plenty of ways to attract new customers this summer. More likely than not, your delicious recipes will do most of the talking/attracting!

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