Throwback Thursday: Focus On Your Work-Life Balance At Your Food Truck

Throwback Thursday

For this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday, we wanted to pose a question before going back in time.

The question: What is the No. 1 thing you want to improve on as a food truck owner?

It could literally be anything and everything, but we just want that to sink in for a bit.

Once you figure out the answer, the next step should be figuring out ways to make it happen. Better yet, figuring out ways to make it happen and then turning those ideas into goals, adding some deadlines into the mix and then making the finished product(s) your 2018 New Year’s resolution(s).

Okay, it’s time to go back in time to an article that should do every single mobile kitchen owner wonders, because it features a concept that every food truck owner should be thinking about.

That concept: Work-life balance.

Like we have done in previous Throwback Thursday articles, we will be providing a preview and the link below, so make sure you click on said link so you can dive into the entire article.

Throwback Thursday: Focus On Your Work-Life Balance At Your Food Truck

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How to Run a Food Truck 17: Focus on Your Work/Life Balance

Sneak Peek:

For the past few weeks here on FoodTruckr, the “How to Run a Food Truck” series has focused on helping you become a better business owner. So far, we’ve been looking at topics that relate directly to improving your food truck’s performance (monitoring industry trends, tracking your truck’s metrics, and preparing for health inspections). Today, however, we want to move on to a more personal aspect of your business: you!

If your business is doing well, you’re working hard, and you’re happy because you’re getting to live the food truck dream every day, you might wonder what you could possibly need to do to improve your personal life. Well, if you’re really doing all three of the things we just mentioned and you’re still a brand new FoodTruckr, we’re willing to bet that you’re probably not taking as much time off as you could—or should.

We know, we know—you just took a night off last week! And your truck wouldn’t be as successful as it is today if you weren’t out there every day hitting the streets from 10AM-9PM! Starting and running a food truck undoubtedly requires lots of long hours to be successful, but there comes a point when it’s more valuable for your business for you to take some time off than to keep on pushing. In today’s new lesson, we’ll explain why a healthy work/life balance is so important and help you find your own sweet spot between business and personal pursuits. Let’s get started by examining how taking time off (and how failing to do so!) can affect your work.

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Side Hustle

A few more bites, if you will, from this article:

1. Take Regular Time Off

The first step to relaxing is deceptively challenging—you need to take regular time off from your food truck. A regular day off sounds fairly easy until you stop to think about where you’re going to find the time in your schedule—and what you might have to cut out in order to make it happen. Fortunately, some of the following steps will help you work more effectively when you are at work so that it becomes easier to find time to get away.


You can choose a regular time off now, or you can wait until you’ve completed some of the upcoming steps and figured out where you’ll be getting your extra time. You can also choose any amount or combination of time off that feels right to you—two full days, a full day and several nights off, taking mornings off and only working from 1PM on. The specific time you take off doesn’t matter so much as the fact that you’re taking some time off, so don’t feel pressured to fit your working hours into a standard 9-5 schedule if another option works better for you and your truck.


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