Tips During The Holiday Season In The Food Truck Industry


The holiday season is among us, food truck owners.

What exactly does this mean? Well, it could mean a boom in business for your mobile kitchen. After all, there are more people going outside. In other words, there are more people traveling to malls, shopping centers and places of that nature in hopes of finding the perfect gifts for the holiday season. These people, of course, get hungry, and that’s where you come into play.

If your food truck business is located next to a ton of shops (perhaps it is located in a downtown area that is not only great for foot traffic, but has many stores around as well), then you are in the perfect position to attract a ton of customers during this time. Of course, the weather still needs to corporate. If the temperatures are really low, then holiday shoppers are going to rush in and out of stores and will seek sit-down restaurants when they work up an appetite.

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Nonetheless, more people are going to be leaving their homes during this time. Therefore, let’s go over some tips that food truck owners should incorporate during the holiday season.

Give away free hot chocolate, or a hot beverage of your choice.

Come up with specials to lure customers to your lunch truck, especially customers who have never been to your truck.

Give away free food. You know, like samples.

Have an amazing environment that screams you and your employees are in the holiday spirit. Side note: People love being around happy people, it’s the negative ones who are toxic. If you are really feeling up to it, you can decorate your truck as well.Holiday

Let people know where you are going to be on social media. You, of course, let your customers know where your truck is going to be during the winter, but really get creative with your social media post. For example, say something along these lines, “While you are out shopping for presents, make sure to stop at our food truck. If you mention this Facebook post, we will give you a free cup of coffee.” Of course, you don’t have to give anything away, but the point is to attract customers.

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The key during the holiday season is to take advantage of all of the foot traffic. If you need to throw out specials left and right to get customers to your truck, then so be it. Of course, make sure you are still making a profit. Now more than ever, you need to get really creative when it comes to attracting holiday shoppers. After all, more and more people are doing their holiday shopping online now.

Here’s the deal, if you give people a reason to come to your food truck, people will venture to your food truck. People love food, as you likely already know.

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