What Do You Most Value As A Food Truck Owner?

Food Truck Owner

There are many things to value as a food truck owner.

After all, you’re cooking food for a living. You created a menu that’s yours. You get to make people happy with your food. You work for yourself. You’re in a thriving and lively industry. And, of course, you own your own food truck business.

What Do You Most Value As A Food Truck Owner?

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If you could pick one thing, what would it be?

Why do we ask this question? Well, it’s because this is the thing you should keep in mind when things aren’t going according to plan. When you don’t necessarily rock a catering gig. When a location gets rained out or bad weather affects your business in some way. When you’re dealing with an angry customer or employee. When you’re burned out and don’t think you can work another double-digit day.

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Practicing mindfulness and being grateful for what you have can, of course, help you appreciate what you have and where your food truck journey has taken you. It can also lead to a bad day not turning into a bad week.

Problems will always arise, but how we handle these problems is what’s important.

As an example, if a golfer hits a bad shot and can’t stop focusing on that bad shot after the fact, then he or she will follow it up with another bad shot … and then another … and perhaps another.

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We aren’t saying you should shrug off your problems, but you can’t bask in failure, no matter how big or small. You have to bounce back as quickly as possible so you can counter failure and not let it compound.

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Being grateful for what you have and looking at how far you’ve come can help you appreciate your food truck business more.

So, what do you value most as a food truck owner?

Let that be your inspiration when times get tough or when you simply need a burst of motivation and energy.

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