How to Run a Food Truck

How to Run a Food Truck 14: Keep Up with Industry Trends

Taking just a few hours each week to watch industry trends can have huge benefits for your truck. Learn how and why you should be monitoring what other trucks are doing in today’s new “How to Run a Food Truck” lesson.

How to Run a Food Truck 12: Overcome Roadblocks

For a FoodTruckr, the word “roadblock” has a very specific meaning—and it’s one that doesn’t have to do with giant branches or orange and white signs left sitting in the street. Learn what roadblocks are and how to overcome them in today’s new “How to Run a Food Truck” lesson.

How to Run a Food Truck 09: Prepare for the Off-Season

Winter is approaching quickly, but the end of warm weather doesn’t have to spell the end of a booming food truck business for you. In Lesson 09 of “How to Run a Food Truck,” we’ve got several alternative options you can pursue—plus how to choose the best path for your business.

How to Run a Food Truck 06: Handle Customer Disputes

Today on “How to Run a Food Truck,” we have a simple tool you can use to resolve complaints. It’s called the LEARN model, and we think it’s a great way to deal with unhappy customers.

How to Run a Food Truck 04: Use Apps to Simplify Your Business

As you’ve already learned from your early days on the road, running a food truck is hard work and requires you to maintain a pretty hectic schedule. Fortunately, in today’s new “How to Run a Food Truck” lesson, we’ve got a whole suite of apps designed to simplify your life as a food truck owner.

How to Run a Food Truck 03: Send Location Updates

There’s no point in operating a mobile eatery if people never know where you are. Sure, some people will just happen across your truck on the street, and others might get used to seeing you in a particular location—but if you’re not regularly sharing your location with fans, you’re missing out on a ton of potential traffic.

How to Run a Food Truck 02: Practice Plating and Presentation

How could it be possible for your marinara-and-mozzarella-drenched meatball sub to be even more mouthwatering? The secret is all in how you plate and present the dish. We’ve got the scoop on what you can do to make every meal look even more picturesque.

How to Run a Food Truck 01: Train Your Food Truck Employees

Welcome to the first lesson of our second food truck business planning series: How to Run a Food Truck. We’re so excited to have you here! In our first lesson, we’ll show you how to train your employees so that you can make sure your entire team is on the same page when it comes to running your truck.