Best Los Angeles Food Trucks for Catering (Your 2024 Guide)

Los Angeles food truck at a catered event.

Food trucks are an essential part of the Los Angeles experience. And when it comes to food truck catering, the choices and options can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help!

If you’re looking to hire a food truck, we recommend starting with Roaming Hunger. They work with over 1,100 of the best food trucks in Los Angeles and make finding the perfect truck for your event a breeze.

Now for the fun part! We’ve put together the ultimate Los Angeles food truck catering guide to help you find exactly what you want for your next event. Whether it’s tacos, BBQ, or fun fusion foods, this list is a great starting point to produce an excellent experience for friends, family, or coworkers.

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We’ve organized this article into 2 sections:

  1. The best food truck caterers in Los Angeles: We’ve found and organized 21 of the top food trucks in LA that are great at catering. We’ve included the cuisine they serve, what types of events they’re great for, and what makes their food amazing.
  2. How to book a food truck in Los Angeles: We’ve put together the most important info and hottest tips to help you decide whether food truck catering is right for your event, and to make sure your food truck event goes smoothly.

LA’s Best Mexican & Taco Truck Catering

1. G’s Taco Spot on Wheels

Great for: On-Set Catering, Fundraisers, Corporate Catering, Weddings

Cuisine: Mexican, Tacos, Breakfast, Burritos

Gs Spot on Wheels

Craving exciting, exemplary Mexican food? Thinking about cuisine filled with quesadillas, ceviche, guacamole, burritos, and tacos of all flavors? Then x marks the spot for you at G’s Taco Spot on Wheels. They have the most extensive variety of Mexican eats we’ve ever seen, and they’re sure to satisfy all your guests no matter their meat or veggie preferences.

Delight your taste buds with the saucy steak fries- and carne asada-filled Wet & Wild Burrito, or the G’s Al Pastor Taco Salad starring a mix of marinated pork with grilled onions on a bed of chopped lettuce and beans. If you’re looking for a taste of something extra tantalizing, we recommend the Grilled Mexican Tequila Lime Chicken Breast & Hawaiian Roll—yup, it tastes just as unbelievable as it sounds.

Looking to book taco truck catering? Check out Roaming Hunger’s Los Angeles Food Truck Catering booking service.

2. The Tropic Truck

Great for: Custom Menus, Fancy Affairs, Huge Events, Corporate Catering

Cuisine: Mexican, Seafood, Caribbean, Tacos, Wraps

Who said seafood can only be enjoyed near the sea? Well, ignore them! The Tropic Truck brings the delights of the deep sea right to your doorstep—if you hire them for your next event that is. Not only do they offer a wide selection of freshly caught fish in mahi mahi bowls, lobster bowls, and grilled shrimp bowls, but they also add a Mexican flair to the mix. If seafood quesadillas, tacos, and nachos are on your list, they’ve got your crab shell covered!

Not only is the ocean showcased beautifully in their bites, but succulent meats are also on the menu. Choose from their Charbroiled Angus Steak Tacos, Blackened Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos, Charbroiled Angus Steak Quesadillas, Jumbo Shrimp Quesadillas, or even better, some Grilled Lobster Nachos or Charbroiled Jerk Chicken Nachos. We never say no to lobster! Grab an order of Lobster Fries—they’ll make you wanna crawl along the ocean floor to grab some more.

3. La Fiesta Mexican Cuisine

Great for: On-Set Catering, Family Events, Huge Events, Fundraisers

Cuisine: Mexican, Hot Dogs, Tacos, Sandwiches, Burritos

The ever popular La Fiesta Mexican Cuisine food truck takes traditional Mexican food to another level. Not only are their dishes colorful, fresh, and endlessly mouthwatering, but they’re also unique. Alongside authentic Mexican burritos and tacos are tortilla-encapsulated wraps and jalapeño-topped street dogs that’ll have you diving back in for seconds.

Start your guests off with a Choose Your Own Adventure appetizer showcasing a selection of mini tacos, veggie spring rolls, crab cakes, sliders, shrimp & grits, avocado toast, and meatballs. They’ll whip up a bounty of authentic Mexican meals that’ll be sure to entice even the pickiest eaters in your group. Not only do Edward and Guillermo serve hearty, well-spiced fair with the highest quality ingredients and traditional preparation methods, but they go above and beyond to ensure you, your taste buds, and your tummy have a great time.

4. Pinch of Flavor

Great for: Custom Menus, On-Set Catering, Huge Events, Fundraisers

Cuisine: Mexican, Seafood, Vegan, Savory, Vegetarian

Pinch of Flavor

When we see Pinch of Flavor’s seafood and Mexican food-fusion menu, we know that owners Isis and Jael are doing it right! As you probably guessed from the name, this really is not your average taco truck. Every delightful dish on their menu is seasoned with bold tastes and zingy blends that keep customers coming back for more.

Take a big bite of their Lobster Burrito filled with a fresh blend of onions and cilantro. Or perhaps start off with a tempura-style fish filet spritzed with tangy lemon juice and tartar sauce. If meat is on your mind, grab a mouthful of their Steak Bowl, starring a mix of saffron rice, romaine lettuce, and Monterrey Jack cheese. Only Pinch of Flavor could do such justice to exotic Mexican delights, so give them a try when you’re ready to cater your next tantalizing event!

5. The Taco Cartel

Great for: Custom Menus, Fundraisers, Vegans & Vegetarians, Weddings

Cuisine: Mexican, Tacos, Burritos

The Taco Cartel

Treat yourself to something savory and quite special with one of the best taco trucks in tinsel town. Every burrito and quesadilla The Taco Cartel whips up is stacked with rich flavors tenderly mixed into a classic delight. Take the Pablo Escobar Burrito as a perfect example, being filled with the most satisfying al pastor, rice, beans, corn, red cabbage, onions, cilantro, and la verde salsa we’ve found all wrapped in a flour tortilla.

They’re known for blending authentic Mexican flavors with imaginative whimsy and interesting twists on traditional menu items. From the La Reina del Sur Quesadilla toped with a cheddar and jack cheese mix and a chipotle salsa, to the Hot Cheetos Corn On The Cob that comes with a mix of creamy habanero, Hot Cheetos, cotija cheese, Tajín, and lemon, these fresh new spins on savory dishes will have you feeling like you’re in your abuela’s kitchen as she tests out new flavors.

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6. Sabores de Mexico

Great for: Custom Menus, On-Set Catering, Corporate Catering, Vegetarians

Cuisine: Mexican, Organic, Seafood, Tacos, Burritos, Vegetarian

Sabores de Mexico

Seeking some of the tastiest Mexican snacks in town? Sabores de Mexico offers a wide selection of organic dishes showcasing spicy seafood, tacos, burritos, and more. From the Howdy’s Special Breakfast Burrito to the Malibu Veggie Burrito, there is something to satisfy everyone—carnivore or vegan.  

Their unique twists on classic dishes include the Huevos Rancheros plated with sunny-side-up organic eggs and a homemade red and green salsa mix, and the Cowgirl Veggie Paella with salmon, black beans, and tofu served over savory saffron rice. Are you drooling yet? We know we are! If you’re looking for authentic seasoning blends and a dash of the unexpected, put this food truck at the top of your list.

Best Barbecue Food Trucks for Catering

7. John Que’s Smokeout

Great for: On-Set Catering, Huge Events, Corporate Catering, Weddings

Cuisine: Hot Dogs, Burgers, Sandwiches, Bowls, BBQ

John Que's Smokeout

When we say “smokeout,” you’re probably thinking barbecue chicken, tender and meaty beef short ribs, perfectly cooked turkey burgers, and hearty smoked ham. Well, you absolutely thought correctly! But these don’t even scratch the surface of all the dishes that John Que’s Smokeout is able to bring to the table.

Try the aromatic smoked salmon spiced with Cajun seasonings that makes their fish taste better than you ever could have imagined. Get a whiff of their curry chicken that delivers a crisp taste of the Caribbean or a fiery Brats and Corn Lunch Package so moist and flavorsome that every guest will no doubt be delighted. With so many ripe gourmet meats to experience, John Que’s Smokeout is an unmissable experience from start to finish.

8. BBQ Smokehouse

Great for: Family Events, Huge Events, Corporate Catering, Weddings

Cuisine: Hot Dogs, Southern, Creole, Burgers, BBQ

BBQ Smokehouse

Owners Mike and Regina often say “our food is made with personal care, love, and commitment to quality”—and boy is that the case. Not only does BBQ Smokehouse give other full-blown BBQ restaurants a run for their money, but it was born out of a genuine and humble desire to serve the Los Angeles community with tasty BBQ treats. From fall-off-the-bone ribs to spicy Creole chicken, this delivery service that was originally created to raise money for underprivileged children, has an unexpected presence and unshakeable cooking ability.

Their menu boasts insanely good Idaho potato salads, pineapple-infused coleslaws, Southern baked macaroni & cheese, vinaigrette pasta salads, Louisiana hot sausages, St. Louis cut pork ribs, smoked turkey breast, and so much more! Don’t forget to grab a taste of their signature BBQ sauce (mixed with 37 special ingredients) that wonderfully complements every meat and side they make.

Best Fusion Food Trucks for Catering

9. ChompChomp

Great for: On-Set Catering, Huge Events, Corporate Catering, Vegans & Vegetarians

Cuisine: Tacos, Sandwiches, Savory, Asian Fusion, Vegetarian


ChompChomp offers the most perfect blend of Asian-Mexican fusion cuisine seen around LA. With fried Korean dumplings, garlic turkey, and Korean tacos this truck takes food inspiration from all over the world and blends them into a more than pleasing menu that’ll grab guests’ attention and have them begging for another bite.

Their most unique offerings include the 100% Vegetable Mondu Dumplings (yes, they’re vegan friendly!), the Honey-Glazed Chicken Bowl doused in a homemade sauce, and the Korean tacos with corn tortillas dressed with Korean Slaw and dipped in their homemade Asian sauce. With so many Asian-style twists to classic Mexican dishes, ChompChomp sure gives the Los Angeles community something to chomp on.

10. Go Fusion N Grill

Great for: On-Set Catering, Huge Events, Corporate Catering, Vegans & Vegetarians

Cuisine: Latin Fusion, Burgers, Savory, Vegetarian

Go Fusion N' Grill

Craving unreal Latin-Asian fusion cuisine? We’ve got you covered. The combination of Latin and Asian cuisine is ripe with delectable delights you do not want to miss. Our favorite is the Mandarin Chix Salad, the only salad you’ll find topped with Asian crispy noodles, Mandarin oranges, teriyaki chicken, and spiced steak. It’s the kind of salad that’ll give any salad-hater second thoughts.

One of Go Fusion N Grill’s best sellers is the Quesiyaki, a play on the words quesadilla and teriyaki (and really, nothing bad could ever come from that combo). Try the fantastic blend of their teriyaki chicken with Mexican cheese, cilantro, spicy sriracha, avocado, and homemade teriyaki sauce…it’ll blow your socks off.

11. Berlin Food Truck

Great for: On-Set Catering, Huge Events, Corporate Catering, Weddings

Cuisine: German, Sausages, Grilled Cheese

Berlin Food Truck

Imagine the sights, smells, and sounds of Berlin rolling through the streets of Los Angeles. You drooling yet? Cause we are! The Berlin Food Truck harks back to an authentic German experience full of high-quality grilled cheeses and juicy, well-fried wursts.

Ranging from the plain and simple grilled cheese to the delightful flavors of pastrami, patty melt, kale, and more, there is something for everyone made on this food truck. Whether you like your hot dog topped with homemade mac n’ cheese and parsley, freshly cooked beef chili, or classic condiments, they will reinvent your sausage experience. If you’re like us and enjoy mixing things up, we highly recommend the Tofu Currywurst Combo (with a side of Garlic Fries) as well as the classic Munich Combo.

12. The Falafel Factory

Great for: On-Set Catering, Fundraisers, Corporate Catering, Vegans & Vegetarians

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Falafel, Vegetarian

Falafel Factory

Looking for some of the most magnificent Mediterranean eats in town to fill your tummy? The Falafel Factory boasts some of the best, you guessed it, falafels around. When owners Miriam and Nael set out to share their falafel obsession with the world, they wanted to make sure that it would not only be delicious, but also accessible to everyone. That’s why their falafel is always made from scratch, vegan, and 100% gluten-free. Yippee!

With seasoned beef kofta, chicken kabob, vegan chicken shawarma, and falafels drizzled with their special tahini and secret sauces, The Falafel Factory has created a special menu that showcases the best of Mediterranean eats. Including of course some traditional hummus and pita—they wouldn’t dream of not creating their own version of that authentic and delightful dish.

Best American Classic Food Truck Catering in Los Angeles

13. Richeeze

Great for: On-Set Catering, Fundraisers, Corporate Catering, Weddings

Cuisine: Fries, Sandwiches, Grilled Cheese, Vegetarian

If you’re looking for the tastiest, most savory sweet potato fries, sandwiches, and grilled cheese in town, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Richeeze is famous for reinventing the grilled cheese sandwich with surprisingly spicy new jalapeño flavors—yup, you read that right! 

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We highly recommend adding their nostalgic Tomato Soup or worth-the-hype Mac ‘n’ Cheeze Nuggets to the mix when you prep the menu for your next event. You can’t make a wrong turn with their mouthwatering delights, and we’re 100% positive you’ll be happy they turned the corner to pull up to your event.

14. The Lime Truck

Great for: Family Events, Corporate Catering, Vegans & Vegetarians, Weddings

Cuisine: Mexican, Organic, Tacos, California Cuisine, Asian Fusion

The Lime Truck at Fisherman's Wharf

One of the champions of Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race, The Lime Truck is a Los Angeles fan-fave. Owner Daniel Shemtob has been in business over 12 years and is a consumate professional when it comes to serving the most delicious fare that’ll satisfy your taste buds and tummy after just a single bite.

This Mexican-style California mobile kitchen is unlike any other fusion cuisine you’ve ever tasted. Boasting Aspen Ridge sweet and spicy steak, wild-caught ahi with cabbage slaw, Naked Truth marinated chicken with chipotle honey slaw, and so many more savory bites, their menu is truly a sight to behold. Not only will your cravings be completely quelled at The Lime Truck, but you’ll be dreaming of their meaty Mexican menu for days to come.

15. The Lobos Truck LA

Great for: Corporate Events, Private Events, and Large Events

Cuisine: American Classics, Comfort Food, Burgers, Vegetarian

Lobos Truck

Classic American dishes in the heart of one of America’s greatest cities? Count us in! If you’re ready to serve up some California-style comfort foods, then The Lobos Truck has all the beef patty burgers, melty mac ‘n’ cheese, and fab fries you’ll ever need to satisfy your guests.  

If you’ve never been to The Lobos Truck before, we highly recommend the Big Lobos Burger stuffed with 1/3 lb. American-Kobe beef, their signature jalapeño ranch, and melted cheddar cheese. Their Heart Attack Wachos, created to showcase their delicious waffle fries, is an original creation that could become one of Los Angeles’ most famous food items in years to come. These potato bites covered in pork belly, Lobos diablo sauce, jalapeño ranch, caramelized onions, sesame seeds, and scallions are gonna make you say “hands off, nach(yo) wachos!”

16. Messi Burgers

Great for: On-Set Catering, Fundraisers, Corporate Catering, Weddings

Cuisine: Burgers, Sandwiches, Wings

Messi Burgers

Get ready to stuff your face with the City of Angels’ tastiest burgers, sandwiches, and scrumptious wings, cause Messi Burgers is here to help your mouth get messy! From Andouille chicken sausage and ground beef patties (all of which are customizable with a wide variety of delicious toppings), to French fries seasoned with Messi’s special seasoning blend, there’s something spectacular on this menu for every kind of eater.

While you’re at it, grab an order of the house-made chili-topped Messi Fries dripping with cheese, sour cream, Pico de Gallo, and spicy jalapeños. This is the Messi Burgers’ signature dish that has tourists from all the world over coming back for seconds, thirds, and fourths. But we promise we won’t tell anyone if you do the same.

17. Poutine Brothers

Great for: American Classics, Fries, Tacos, Burgers, Poutine, Sliders

Cuisine: On-Set Catering, Huge Events, Corporate Catering, Vegans & Vegetarians

Poutine Brothers

Los Angeles may boast American classics, but nobody does Canadian staples like Poutine Brothers. Updating traditional preparation methods that were used in kitchens all over Canada to suit the modern foodie’s tastes, everything on the menu is aromatically designed to have you salivating.

We’re talking braised beef short ribs and chives, smoked pork dipped in scrumptious brown gravy, and Chicken tikka masala with fried chicken skin and cilantro that’ll have you wondering why you haven’t made poutine a staple in your diet sooner. Grab the iconic Hangover made with tater tots, cheese curds, fried egg and ham, and a drizzle of maple syrup and chives…it’s a foodie memory you’ll be more than glad you made!

18. Baby’s Badass Burgers – LA

Great for: Corporate Catering, Large Events, and Weddings

Cuisine: American Classics, Fries, Burgers

If there’s one American classic food truck you’ve gotta check out in LA, it’s Baby’s Badass Burgers. With their notoriously delicious gourmet burgers that are just the right mix of rich and savory, it’s no wonder this food truck has gathered a ton of enthusiastic, die-hard fans that swear by it.

Owned and run by female entrepreneurs, their menu also features an all-female cast of stellar burgers, such as Original Beauty, All American Girl, She’s Smokin!, The Other Woman, The Good Wife, The Bombshell, and the Cover Girl—all iconic in both name and taste. With Angus beef patties served on King’s Hawaiian Rolls and topped with the Baby’s Badass Burgers special sauces, nobody else does burgers like BBB. One bite will have you begging for more of their doubly delicious dishes.

Best Dessert Trucks for Los Angeles Food Truck Catering

19. LA-Donut

Great for: On-Set Catering, Huge Events, Corporate Catering, Weddings

Cuisine: Dessert, Donuts


Have a craving for some of the sweetest treats in the industry? LA-Donuts has exactly what you need for your next event. Created by one big-boss lady who quit her 9 to 5 to follow her dessert-filled desires, she made her favorite end-of-the-meal delights accessible to anyone in Los Angeles.

Whether you’re looking for chocolate glazed donuts, churros drizzled with caramel, donut sundaes, Ghirardelli chocolate syrup toppings, or cinnamon toast crunch churro donuts, you’re sure to be delighted by these donut creations. Satisfy your sweetest tooth that’s seeking a taste of fluffy, doughy, handheld goodness. It’ll bring you back to your younger days when your only care in the world was what donut you’d get to enjoy as you watched Saturday morning cartoons.

20. Wings n Waffles

Great for: Fancy Affairs, Family Events, Huge Events, Weddings

Cuisine: Chicken and Waffles, Comfort Food, Brunch

Wings n Waffles

Wings n Waffles takes comfort food to a whole new level with their sweet and savory chicken n’ waffles. Yup, you heard that right—chicken AND waffles, together, in a maddening and mouthwatering mix. They take the classic Belgian waffle, top it with jumbo-size wings, then toss a heavenly array of eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, fresh strawberries and syrup on top. There’s no doubt you and your party guests will enjoy one signature combination after the next from this stellar mobile kitchen.

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Created in 2012 to serve LA locals their favorite comfort foods no matter where they are, these crispy wings and fluffy waffles are, as their most enthusiastic fans believe, to die for.

How to Book a Food Truck for Catering in Los Angeles

Renting the right food truck can make your event so much more memorable for your guests and inject some much needed energy into your party.

At first, it may seem a little complicated to rent a food truck compared to other options, but we’ve broken down just how simple it is below. Our straighforward steps makes it easy to figure out exactly how many food trucks you may need, what it’ll cost per person, and so much more. In this section, we’ll walk you through everything you need to consider when it comes to booking your food truck catering.

And once you’re ready, we highly recommend using a service like Roaming Hunger to book your food truck. Based in Los Angeles, they know and work with all the best food truck caterers, including the ones mentioned above.

Set your budget

Similar to traditional catering options, you’ll first have to decide on your budget. 

Food truck catering costs typically range from $10 to $35 per guest, so it’s helpful to have an estimate of the number of people to expect at your event.

However, one of the many advantages of opting for food truck catering is that there’s some flexibility over the number of portions of food to be served, since the food is prepared on the spot!

Here’s a helpful breakdown, courtesy of Roaming Hunger’s guide to food truck rental prices:

CuisineAverage Price per Person1-100 Eaters (Minimum)101-200 Eaters201-300 Eaters
Taco Truck Catering$10-15$1,000$2,000$3,000
Pizza Truck Catering$15-25$1,500$3,000$4,500
BBQ Truck Catering$15-25$1,500$3,000$4,500
Burger Truck Catering$15-25$1,500$3,000$4,500
Lobster Truck Catering$35-45$3,500$7,000$10,500
Ice Cream Truck Catering$8-20$800$1,600$2,400
Beverage Truck Catering$8-20$800$1,600$2,400

One of the biggest factors is the type of food to be served at your event. A dessert truck serving ice cream or a coffee truck just serving beverages will cost less than a food truck providing mains, sides, and drinks.

Nevertheless, you can still choose inexpensive yet tasty fare like tacos, hot dogs, and BBQ. If you have a larger budget, you can go for more trendy food trucks that serve organic or fusion cuisine that use more expensive ingredients like lobster and Kobe beef.

Since Los Angeles is a busy metropolis where labor, ingredients, and permits are typically more expensive, you can expect food truck catering to be more expensive than in other major cities.

Select the number of food trucks needed

Knowing an estimate of how many guests you’re expecting is important when deciding to get 1 or more food trucks for catering.

If you’re planning a large event, it’s important to consider if everybody will be eating at the same time. To avoid any frustration caused by long lines, we recommend renting 1 food truck per 150-200 attendees.

Hiring multiple food trucks is also a great way to add more variety to your event’s menu, thereby improving the satisfaction of your attendees.

You’re going to want to speak to the food truck you hire and share your attendee estimates to get a sense of how many customers the truck thinks they can serve per hour.

Choose your cuisines & menus

As you can see from the 20+ LA food truck catering options above, there are lots of mouthwatering catering options to satisfy a wide range of palates.

Food trucks will typically give you a catering package based on your budget and the number of eaters. While some food trucks will give your attendees choices, such selecting a protein and a side option, others might give you a one-item menu. Menus are designed to make the service fast so attendees get their food quickly.

If you have specific cuisine options in mind such as a Mexican food truck or a BBQ truck, a site like Roaming Hunger can narrow down the field from the get-go.

Keep your guests’ dietary restrictions in mind as well and note whether you require vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free options as well. Some food trucks may even be willing to add customized creations to your menu that are exclusive to your event.

Check food truck regulations

According to Los Angeles County, food trucks must follow all local rules on land use and they are not permitted to expand operations in a way that blocks the sidewalk.

Additionally, every approved food truck in Los Angeles County should have a Letter Grade and a certification sticker indicating that it is a permitted food facility.

If your event is on public property or at a park be sure to pull a city permit—especially if it’s a city like Santa Monica or West Hollywood. If your event is on private property you probably don’t need a permit. You can always check your city’s local government website to see what regulations apply. And if you do need a permit, don’t worry, they are generally easy to get.

Decide where to put your food truck(s)

Last but not least, you’ll want to choose a thoughtful location for your food truck(s) at your event and make the necessary preparations.

First, you’ll want to make sure your event location can host food trucks. As described in the section above, some locations like parks or public property may require a city permit.

The truck(s) will also need a proper parking space. This means no inclines (like a hill) and a space where the truck can park (no low-hanging branches, etc.)

Here are a few other pointers:

  • Station your food trucks in a visible location (e.g. around the perimeter) so that your attendees can easily survey their options at a glance
  • Consider providing picnic or folding tables at a nearby site for your attendees to enjoy their meal
  • Set up a cutlery and napkins station so that your guests won’t interrupt the food truck servers with their requests
  • Provide adequate garbage bins: overflowing bins can be unwanted eyesores

Now that you have everything you need to know about food truck rentals, go forth and make your next event a roaring success!

Hungry yet?

There you have it—the top 21 food trucks in Los Angeles for catering. With so many options to choose from, you’ll never run out of scrumptious sweet and savory foods to try. We’re sure that any of the trucks we’ve mentioned will bring you great satisfaction…just one bite and you’ll definitely be going back for more foodie action!

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