FoodTruckr Heroes: Food Trucks for Freedom

In honor of Memorial Day, we’re excited to announce a very special FoodTruckr Hero: Food Trucks for Freedom, a non-profit organization committed to helping veterans reintegrate into civilian life after returning from their service.

Many members of our armed forces experience anxiety, isolation, and uncertainty when they return to the civilian world. They may have a hard time establishing connections with people who cannot understand what they’ve gone through, and they may not know what to do professionally with the next chapters of their lives.

That’s where Food Trucks for Freedom comes in. This organization was founded by veterans who faced the same challenges after their service ended, and who wanted to help other veterans establish successful careers and lives in the civilian world. The organization “empower[s] veterans to become successful entrepreneurs” by:

  • Providing veterans with job training and support.
  • Helping veterans foster the skills they need to run their own businesses in the food industry.
  • Offering low interest loans and grants to veterans and their family members.
  • Connecting veterans with networks and people who can help them succeed in various business endeavors.
  • Facilitating franchise opportunities between veterans and mobile food businesses.

Food Trucks for Freedom explains that, “It is our belief that the best way to thank a veteran for their service and sacrifice, is to help them transition and succeed in civilian life after the military.”

We couldn’t agree more—after all the sacrifices our fine men and women in uniform have made for our country, we believe it’s so important for all Americans to help these heroes reestablish their lives when they return home. We’re thrilled to see the organization utilizing the mobile food industry to make this goal a reality. Pursuing entrepreneurship allows veterans to become financially independent, and running a food truck business in particular can be immensely rewarding and fulfilling!

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Food Trucks for Freedom held a food truck festival in New Braunfels, TX last November in support of their mission, and they are working on setting up another event for later this year.  If you’re interested in supporting Food Trucks for Freedom, you can check out their donation page, online store (where 45% of each item sold goes to veterans), and their Facebook or Twitter pages.

image from the Food Trucks for Freedom Facebook page

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