Announcement: FoodTruckr Is Back From Vacation!

FoodTruckrs, the big announcement you’ve been waiting for is finally here: We are back from vacation!

Whether you are new to FoodTruckr or have been following us since the beginning, we want to welcome you to our community.

What we have on the horizon for the spring/summer of 2016: A ton of content tailored for food truck aficionados. Not only will we be breaking out new food truck material, but we’ll also be tackling articles pertaining to the food industry, foodie events, chef/entrepreneur stories, tasty recipes, Q&A interviews, video webinars and much more.

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We want to make sure you feel welcome and part of the FoodTruckr family.

On top of unleashing new content on a weekly basis from new contributors who are experts in their field, FoodTruckrs can also expect a FoodTruckr shop in the near future — and that’s just the beginning.

Eventually, we will transition to an interactive membership community with our contributors hosting informational webinars and providing a membership platform for current food truck owners to connect with potential owners. We will be connecting the experts with the uninformed, thus taking this online food truck resource to the next level.

What FoodTruckr Is All About

Highly knowledgeable food truck content is on the horizon, so we hope you are hungry!

More FoodTruckr content can be found here.

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  • Cooper S. May 31, 2016, 12:23 am

    great to hear.