FoodTrucker Heroes: The Cookie Monstah

Guys, can we talk about how amazing The Cookie Monstah is today? These FoodTruckrs have totally captured our hearts (and our stomachs, and our wallets, and our dreams, and our…). Here’s how:

1. The Cookies

Okay, there’s no surprise here—The Cookie Monstah has our cravings station in overdrive. They’ve got classics like chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal. They’ve got a host of modern flavor faves like salted caramel and Oreo-stuffed. And their cookies are made from scratch with a recipe that truck owner Missy Gale has been perfecting for more than 20 years. This food truck and their fans know that there’s nothing quite like a perfectly crafted, homemade cookie baked to perfection and served with a glass of cold milk. And we couldn’t be any more excited that they’re bringing this knowledge to the streets.

2. The Menu

The Milk ‘N Cookies (two cookies with a glass of milk) will always be our favorite, but The Cookie Monstah also offers several other ways to enjoy their decadent desserts. If a cookie served on its own seems a little lonely to you, try one of their sandwiches (two cookies with a big scoop of Richardson’s farm fresh ice cream tucked inside) or a Cookie ‘N Cream (one cookie with a cup of ice cream on the side). Not only does everything on the menu look utterly delicious, but these FoodTruckrs also strike the perfect balance of a well-thought-out signature item. Cookies are the foundation of everything at this truck, but there are still plenty of options to please fans with different tastes.

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3. The Website

Whether you’re a fan on a mission to find the perfect cookie or a fellow FoodTruckr looking for inspiration, The Cookie Monstah’s website has what you need. This truck’s gorgeous site has a revolving photo gallery on the front page, a handy “Find the Truck” page that’s updated every week, and the cutest Contact Us page we’ve ever seen. The Cookie Monstah also does a great job of sharing their story on their About page, and their catering page is packed with info and a convenient quote request form. We love how simple they make it to get access to what we crave.

4. The Options

Speaking of simple, did we mention yet that you can also get cookies from The Cookie Monstah without showing up for one of their regular street stops? If you miss the truck when it’s out on the street, you can head to one of four local Boston markets that carry Cookie Monstah originals. Cookie fans know that when the craving strikes, you need that doughy goodness now—so this truck’s commitment to convenience is much appreciated.

5. The Philosophy

We can’t forget to mention this truck’s philosophy—a simple sentence that appears on their website’s front page and that serves as the description for the classic chocolate chunk.

“Just enough dough to hold the chocolate together.”

That’s what we’re talking about!

Cookie Love

We’ve got a weakness for delectable dessert trucks, and with FoodTruckrs as tasty as The Cookie Monstah rolling around town, it’s not hard to see why. Keep doing what you do best, Cookie Monstah team! We’ll be watching and sitting here craving while you bake up new flavors and delight the tastebuds of all your loving Boston fans. image from The Cookie Monstah’s Facebook page

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