FoodTruckr Heroes: Our Five Favorite Dessert Trucks

There are some holidays we wish we could celebrate year-round—holidays that truly deserve more than a single day of honor and acclaim. Today is one of those events, and we’ve got a special FoodTruckr Heroes post to ring in the occasion.

That’s right—it’s National Dessert Day!

In honor of this fine celebratory day, we wanted to highlight a few amazing food trucks that spend their days bringing sweets to the streets. Starting a food truck is hard work, but it can be even tougher when your menu is limited to treats and indulgences that diet-conscious customers might feel guilty about buying in the first place. Dessert food trucks also typically have to keep their prices pretty low, as most customers won’t want to spend more than a few dollars on a dessert—especially if they’re buying for the whole family. When you consider those simple challenges, the amazing success these FoodTruckrs have had is even more impressive.

If you’re ready to salivate over some seriously sweet-sounding snacks, read on to learn about our five favorite dessert trucks. But we have to warn you first—cravings for covet-worthy calories lie ahead…

1. Big Gay Ice Cream

Location: NYC, with a truck tour and new locations in Los Angeles and Philadelphia coming soon.

Why We Love ‘Em: This truck has punch, personality, and pizazz—their brand is as colorful and on-point as their delicious desserts.

Be Sure to Try: The seasonal Gobbler (loaded with real pie pieces and your choice of flavors like pumpkin butter and bourbon butterscotch) or the beloved Salty Pimp (vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche, sea salt, and chocolate dip).

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2. Bananarchy

Location: Austin, TX.

Why We Love ‘Em: This truck’s main menu stay—frozen bananas—seems like a pretty simple concept. But there are dozens of unique ways to customize this cool treat. DOZENS!

Be Sure to Try: The Hippy Dippy, The Cookie Crumble, and of course, The GOB—two bananas dipped in chocolate and covered with extra nuts.

3. Buttercream Cupcake Truck

Location: Philadelphia, PA.

Why We Love ‘Em: Gourmet cupcakes available in multiple flavors and topped with sweet, sugary buttercream or rich, indulgent ganache. Buttercream Cupcake Truck also offers a rotating seasonal menu—be still our hearts.

Be Sure to Try: The Turtle and the Banana Cake with Nutella Buttercream—and if you’re there in time for one of their current seasonal goodies, the Grasshopper or the Sweet Potato with Fluff Buttercream.

4. OMG! Cheesecakery

Location: Austin, TX.

Why We Love ‘Em: Mmm…cheesecake. What more do we need to say? How about the fact that this truck makes “personal sized and portable cheesecakes”? That means we can take them with us wherever we go.

Be Sure to Try: The Espresso, the Maple ‘Kevin’ Bacon, and the Blueberry Lavender. You don’t find cheesecake flavors like this every day.

5. The Cookie Monstah

Location: Boston, MA.

Why We Love ‘Em: Tasty cookies made with farm fresh butter and bourbon vanilla. Loaded up with goodies like chocolate chips, M&M’s, and other classic toppings. Occasionally doubled up with some smooth, rich ice cream sandwiched in between. What’s not to love?

Be Sure to Try: As many as possible, naturally—but start out with The Mudslide, The Cinnabomb, and The Tahitian.

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We’re amazed every day by the number of incredible food trucks around the country that are making dreams come true by bringing sweet treats and smiles to the masses. These five FoodTruckrs are just a few of our favorites, and we definitely recommend trying them out any time you have the chance—and especially when you have an excuse as good as National Dessert Day. Happy celebrating!

image from Big Gay Ice Cream’s Facebook page

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