FoodTruckr Heroes: Rickshaw Stop

Over the past few weeks in FoodTruckr Heroes, we’ve profiled a lot of awesome trucks who are doing truly awesome things.  From killer branding to fantabulous social media updates, there are all kinds of ways to rock your food truck business.  But at the end of the day, the quality of your food is the heart of your business.

That’s why we chose Rickshaw Stop out of San Antonio, TX as our latest food truck role model.  This is one truck that’s truly committed to excellence in the tasting department.  Their menu is centered around authentic Pakistani kebabs and samosas with recipes created and approved by the truck owners’ family.

Sound like simple dishes that are easy to put together?  They could be, but Rickshaw Stop doesn’t make half-hearted meals.  All the beef and chicken they use in the kebabs is marinated for at least 48 hours—just to make sure that the flavors are distributed evenly and properly throughout every single piece of meat.  If you want dedication and consistency from your food truck eats, Rickshaw Stop has the goods.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that their extreme focus on flavor and quality has led Rickshaw Stop to receive a ton of media attention and honors.  They were featured as one of the “10 Best Food Trucks in America” by The Daily Meal and Huffington Post, and even the notoriously demanding Yelp! crowd loves them.  At the time of publication, they have a 4.5 star rating with 64 reviews—a truly impressive feat for a mobile restaurant.

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Check out a few comments from their adoring fans:

  • “If I could eat nothing other than Rickshaw veggie samosas forever and always, that would be A-OK… LOVE!” – Christine M.
  • “The chimichurri-esque sauce on the fall-apart meat is quite possibly the most tantalizing (oh la la) food I’ve ever put in my mouth.” – Gloria C.
  • “Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe how good it was!  Let’s just say that it was to die for.  One bucket list item complete.” – Bill A.
  • “The worst part was deciding which of the menu items to get, as everything they made was the best thing they made!” – Alison J.
  • “What are you waiting for.  Don’t walk, RUN over there.  Let me tell you, I dream about the food…Can’t tell you which is my favorite because I love it all—almost equivalent to asking you which is your favorite child.” – Ruben C.

Wow!  That’s the kind of food truck love that aspiring entrepreneurs and new FoodTruckrs go to sleep dreaming about.  Crowds of hungry fans who are willing to drive wherever your truck goes just to order their favorite flavors.  It’s the type of passion that has helped the mobile food industry sweep the nation, and it’s the kind of true love that food truck success stories are built on.  Keep up the great work, Rickshaw Stop!  We’ll be waiting to see where your focus on flavor and fabulous food takes you next!

image from Rickshaw Stop Facebook page

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Nicole Farley is the Managing Editor at FoodTruckr and a food truck aficionado. A graduate of The University of Kansas, she loves writing, business development, connecting with food truck owners, and cheering for the Jayhawks. Connect with Nicole on the FoodTruckr Facebook page or email her at

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