The 12 Days of FoodTruckr: 7 New Things to Sell

On the seventh day of Christmas, FoodTruckr’s giving you…

7 New Things to Sell!

We’re hoping today’s new post will bring all of you who are getting ready to start your own food trucks a little inspiration. Though many aspiring food truck owners know exactly what they want to cook before they get started, we also hear from many of you who are still searching for the perfect idea. With that in mind, we thought we’d bring you a few new ideas today to help you get the creativity flowing. Grilled cheese trucks and dessert trucks are definitely all the rage (and will always be some of our absolute favorites!), but we’d also love to find some trucks specializing in these new cuisines.

1. Nacho Trucks

Mmm, nachos. We’ve seen a lot of food trucks that offer nachos on their menus, but have yet to see one that specializes exclusively in serving up this tasty dish. Nachos might seem like an easy dish to prepare (throw a bunch of tasty stuff on top of a bunch of edible scoopers), but finding the right balance of ingredients, flavors, and textures is really a science that’s just waiting for the right food truck chemist to come along.

2. Cereal Trucks

There are all sorts of food trucks serving up amazing breakfast foods, but have any of you ever seen a truck dedicated exclusively to cereal? We’re willing to bet that this one would be a big hit with both the breakfast crowds and the late-night bar crowds. This truck could even offer both cold and hot cereals for a little extra variety.

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3. Casserole Trucks

Casseroles aren’t super glamorous, but they sure are tasty—and we bet that a food truck that served individual portions of delicious casseroles would be a big hit with people who love hearty meals but don’t love the long cook times (or leftovers) so much. A casserole food truck could even serve pre-made casseroles that were ready to be popped in the oven at home for people who are looking for a convenient option after a long day of work!

4. Side Dish Trucks

On a similar note, we’d love to see trucks specializing exclusively in side dishes—mac and cheese, rice pilaf, spiced apples, and so on. This type of food truck could serve sides ready to be paired with a meal at home or an entrée from another truck, or their sides could be sold together tapas-style for a fun meal option that’s packed full of flavor and creativity.

5. Holiday Trucks

We love it when food trucks offer festive holiday menu options, but how cool would it be if there was a food truck dedicated exclusively to serving seasonal meals? Winter holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas would certainly be the easiest to plan, but there are really holidays all year long that could keep this truck’s business rolling. Think Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, and more!

6. Potato Trucks

It might just be the Irish in us talking, but a truck that focused on potato-centric dishes would really have us having a whale of a time! Mashed potatoes, hash browns, loaded baked potatoes—they’d all be sure to line up the crowds.

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7. Candy Trucks

We’ve seen ice cream trucks, cupcake trucks, and cookie trucks. Pancake trucks, funnel cake trucks, and crème brulee trucks. But has anyone ever seen a candy truck? Whether you sold only your own creations or also mixed in favorites from around the country, this truck would definitely be a hit with fans of all ages.

The 12 Days of FoodTruckr

We’ve been staying busy bringing you The 12 Days of FoodTruckr, but when we look back on all the fun we’ve had so far, it’s totally worth it! In case you’ve missed any of our posts, here’s what’s been happening for the past week on FoodTruckr:

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