Is Facebook Messenger Marketing Important For Food Truck Owners?

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Keeping up with digital marketing trends and strategies isn’t easy when you’re cooking and serving at your food truck five to seven days a week, as well as managing employees, keeping up with inventory and doing everything else it takes to run a successful food truck business.

Unfortunately, if you want to continue to keep up with competition, grow your business and thrive in the food truck industry, then you have to keep up with trends, especially when they relate to the marketing side of your business.

Enter Facebook Messenger marketing, a type of marketing in which you connect with your customers using the Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook Messenger marketing is similar to email marketing but can feel more personal because it’s done in a one-on-one setting — you and the person you’re messaging are interacting. Your messages are sent to your customers with Facebook Messenger as opposed to being thrown at an email, which might never be opened or go straight to the spam folder.

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Not only are your friends, family members and competition on Facebook but you can easily connect with your customers through Facebook Messenger since they’re also already on this social media platform. Plus, your opening rates will increase if you use this type of marketing vs. a method like email marketing.

While there are many different ways to market on social media (and in this case, Facebook), we’re going to focus in on Facebook Messenger marketing.

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We know what you’re thinking… Do I really need to jump on another social media trend that might not be here this time next year?

Are you currently doing any kind of email marketing or social media marketing? If so, then you should also be doing Facebook Messenger Marketing! Click here to find out more.

In this case, the answer is yes. After all, “Within the next two years, 85% of customer-business relationships will be through technology” (via Forbes).

Not to mention, “Messenger marketing is said to be 10X more effective than email marketing” (via Evolve Media).

From going where the growth is, to getting ahead of the competition, to developing deeper relationships with your mobile kitchen customers, there are plenty of benefits of messenger marketing for your food truck business.

Is Facebook Messenger marketing right for you?

Let’s put it this way: It’s right for any business that wants to grow with digital marketing. It’s easy, effective and you, more likely than not, already have a Facebook page for your food truck. You just need to take the next step by marketing with Facebook Messenger.

We aren’t saying food truck owners should eliminate email and other forms of marketing (especially if they’re working for your business) — we’re just saying Facebook Messenger marketing can take your efforts to a new level since it can help you connect with your customers in a more efficient way.

To learn more about Facebook Messenger marketing, we encourage food truck owners to check out Evolve Media (the owner of Evolve Media is also a partner of FoodTruckr!).

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