3 Challenges New Food Truck Owners Must Overcome


No matter what kind of business you’re trying to open, you’re going to meet your fair share of challenges — and the food truck industry is no exception to the rule.

One of the main challenges all new owners face revolves around money. Even if you have a lot saved up or secured capital/funding, you still have to gain customers in hopes of increasing sales.

To help prepare new food truck owners for this industry, here are three more challenges you must overcome.

Luckily, it can be done.

Challenges New Food Truck Owners Must Overcome

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3.) The Balancing Act

As a food truck owner, you have to wear many different hats and you also have to make sure everything is running smoothly. This includes inventory, sales, employees, finding events, finding locations, the food, customers, marketing, your actual truck and so much more.

Most food truck owners are considered small business owners, which means they do a lot of the work or at least oversee most of the daily and long-term operations. And that means, simply put, food truck owners have to balance many different areas and aspects, and that is, to say the least, quite the challenge.

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2.) A Lifestyle Change

If you have started a business in the past, then starting a food truck business might come easier for you because you know what it takes to be a successful owner. However, if becoming an owner is new to you, then you’re going to have to deal with the challenge that’s a lifestyle change.

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Mobile kitchen owners have to make sacrifices if they want to survive and grow their businesses. This might mean less sleep to ensure you finish all of your tasks. It might include sacrificing your personal life to grow your business. You might have to do things you’re not an expert in, such as marketing, networking and managing employees.

The life of a business owner is different from the life of an employee, and with that comes a lifestyle change that can bring on many different challenges, responsibilities and advantages.

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1.) Not Knowing What The Future Holds

This is one of the toughest challenges for many food truck owners.

There’s a lot of uncertainty when you own a business. Deals can crumble, rules and regulations can change and a number of other problems can arise. Not to mention, sales can be great one week and nonexistent the next. You never know what tomorrow is going to hold and that’s scary — yet also exciting — for a lot of owners.

That’s why it’s important to put your heart and soul into your business, hire the right people for the jobs, create a good product, etc.

Being a food truck owner might come with a lot of uncertainty and you will never know what the future holds no matter how successful you are, but it’s still a very fulfilling path, there are many aspects you can prepare for and control, and you will continue to learn and grow along the way.

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