5 Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Days At Your Food Truck


It’s tough to spice up your day/add something new to the routine when you already have a plan in place, and said plan consists of you working double-digit hours at your food truck.

With that said, if you become an expert with your time (and prioritize like no other), then there is always room for … well, wiggle room. Better yet, there’s always time to add something new to your days and/or ways to spice up your days.

With that in mind, we want every day to be different and exciting for you, FoodTruckrs. Therefore, to help get the creative juices flowing in terms of spicing up your days, we are about to unleash five simple ways to — you guessed it — spice up your days. Use these strategies if you would like, or just let them be a starting point.

5 Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Days At Your Food Truck

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5.) Play Music: Music alone can turn a bad mood into a good one, and it can surely change the mood at your food truck in a big way, which will not only benefit you and your employees but your customers as well. Playing upbeat music alone could turn your food truck environment into a happy/fun one, and that is really good for business. If nothing else, music can bring joy to your day — and what’s not to love about that?

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4.) Cook Something New … Without A Recipe: Okay, so there are plenty of cooks who stick to recipes no matter what, and we understand that. After all, recipes were not only made so you can make a meal right … but so you don’t waste any food in the process. When you have a business to run, that is a big deal.

However, we aren’t saying to make a batch of 1,000 cookies here. We are saying to just make something you have always wanted to make in your free time, or try mixing and matching things to make something new. The key is to have fun at your job, and to let your passion shine through. That’s partially why you joined the food truck industry, isn’t it?

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3.) Spread Joy To Your Customers Via Happy Hours And/Or Free Samples: You don’t have to do this all of the time, because you will be losing product, and in turn money, but if you want to attract some customers/make them happy, then don’t be afraid to give free samples away every now and then, especially when you are wanting to test out a new dish before adding it to the menu. Not to mention, happy hours alone can help attract more customers, and spread joy to everyone involved on top of that, for food at a discounted price is a very beautiful thing.

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2.) Find Time To Go On A Walk: Walks can help you get away from work, which can help you get your mind right. Walking is also good for you. Not only that, but you more than likely work in an area that is filled with a ton of people and attractions, and sometimes it is nice to just walk around and take everything in, to enjoy life and its surroundings. This can be a simple 15-minute break every now and then, or whatever you want it to be, really.

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1.) Have Themed Days: This can be a holiday thing (Halloween is today!), or it can be a weekly thing (ever heard of casual/jersey Fridays?). Whether the case, it’s a simple way to spice things up, and to also show off how fun your food truck community is, which your customers should love.

It’s up to you and your employees to pick what kind of themed days you will have. It could be something as simple as everyone wearing their favorite team on a certain day, or it could be something more advanced in which you even have a themed food menu. Once again, the choice is yours, but just make sure to have fun.

Life doesn’t have to be boring, and it shouldn’t be!

There are so many ways to spice up your days, even if you are at your food truck for most of the day. The five things above are rather simple ways to make your day more exciting, which is the point. Whether the case, the key is to find joy in every single day.

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