Advanced Food Truck Tactics: Stop Getting Screwed By Crap Events


If you’re already running a food truck, there’s something we need to talk about. Because I’ll put money on the fact that you either have been or currently are getting screwed by crap events. To help, there’s a tactic that I teach my clients, a tactic used by advanced food truck owners to stop being overworked and underpaid by crap events.

Does This Sound Familiar…

You’re sure an event is going to be crankin’. The event has a great concept and is in a great area. You’re stoked that you’re going to make some solid cash. Then…

BOOM. It’s a complete bomb. You walk away from the gig with just enough, if that, to cover your expenses. You’re thinking things like this: “This event was killer in the past… I’ve seen the event planner put on other good gigs… The numbers sounded great… How did this happen?!”

Well, there’s a lot of reasons why an event bombs. I’m not talking about reasons that no one can control like the weather. I’m talking about reasons that are caused by the actions, or inactions, of the planners putting the event on. But I’m not going to go into all the potential reasons, because you can’t control or fix any of them. What you can control: Your awareness.

So if you want to get results like my elite clients, the advanced food truck operators who are bankin’ multiple six figures a year, and if you want to stop getting screwed by crap events, then be like Sherlock Holmes!

Become hyper-aware of what’s going on with the event, picking up the clues and red flags that will help you determine if it’s going to be a blowout, or a bomb-out.

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One Of The BIGGEST Clues About How An Event Is Going To Go Down Is In The Planner’s Marketing.

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EventsSo get your spyglass out, my friend! Follow the promoter or event planner’s social media. Google the event’s name and see what pulls up. Keep track of how they are promoting the event … or not promoting the event.

For example, recently I went to a grilled cheese festival that one of my clients was serving at. I was pretty skeptical at first because it was just an event for grilled cheese trucks. So before the event, I watched the promoter’s marketing efforts for many weeks. I quickly noticed they were tweeting like a beast, even retweeting mentions and shares. They created a Facebook event invite and consistently kept it updated. They got mentions in the local news and blasted the bejeezus out of those mentions.

And guess what? The event was off the chain! There were so many people at this event, it was insane. But I honestly wasn’t surprised, because I had seen the hustle of the promoter and knew it was going to be good.

Even When You Can’t Control Events, You Still Have The Power To Control YOUR Business.

So if you’ve agreed to an event but notice crap communications, crap marketing, crap planning — pull the heck out! Now, don’t do it super last minute and be that trucker, but you have to cover yourself!

Nervous you’ll piss them off? Well, would you rather piss them off … or the other thing? Because if you’re honest and tactful in your approach about having to decline an event, you can still keep the waters calm. Because your No. 1 priority is not making others happy. Your No. 1 priority is your livelihood.

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At the end of the day, if a promoter or event planner puts on crap events, does it really matter if they getEvents pissed off that you had to cancel because you need to pay your bills? Is it worth risking several thousand dollars and going? Or would you rather keep your schedule open for a day off (hey, how about that?), or book an event that’s guaranteed to make you thousands?

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You Have The Power To Create Exactly What You Want ​​​​​​​In Your Business — And It Starts With Your Choices.

So be Sherlock Holmes, my friend. Become hyper-aware of your surroundings, of the flags that either consume your business or feed it. Gather your clues and build your plan so you can make better decisions about what happens for your livelihood!

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