Every Food Truck Business Owner Makes Mistakes — And That’s Okay


No matter what industry you’re trying to conquer, mistakes will occur.

That’s not the issue. The issue is not learning from these mistakes and growing from them. Another issue is being hard on yourself for making mistakes.

The thing is, every food truck business owner makes mistakes. That’s not a bad thing…

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Every Food Truck Business Owner Makes Mistakes — And That’s Okay

If you don’t make mistakes, then you probably aren’t taking any risks (of course, it’s a risk to become a food truck owner/start your own business). Without mistakes, food truck owners won’t learn about themselves and their businesses and it will be tough to grow.

While we aren’t saying you need to purposefully make mistakes and fail over and over again, we do believe it’s important to challenge yourself and take calculated risks. With that … comes mistakes. You don’t know if something is possible until you try. If you fail, try again, but this time, you will have more knowledge about the situation and better strategies.

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Mistakes will help you devise new plans, teach you how to be a better boss, manager and leader, show you the right way how to do things, make your catering gigs and event appearances smoother after you get experience under your belt and they will help you grow. However, you have to be willing to forgive yourself for your mistakes, no matter how big or small, and reflect on what you could have done better and what is also working.

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We all make mistakes, and that’s okay as long as we’re willing to learn from our mistakes and move on with a clear head.

More likely than not, things aren’t going to go smoothly at your grand opening or even your first couple of weeks/months of being open. Your first couple of catering jobs are going to be accompanied by hiccups. Some people’s meals are going to take longer than expected because you and your employees are swamped with customers. Your social media networks are going to be ghost towns from time to time — well, until you come up with a consistent strategy, that is. You might be too much of a micromanager in the beginning, or give your employees too much slack. Your first menu might look horrible or not be clear enough for customers. Speaking of customers, you’re going to have blunders in the customer service department. The list of mistakes could go on and on.

The key takeaway is many food truck owners make mistakes because food truck owners are people and all people make mistakes; however, that’s okay as long as you’re willing to learn from your mistakes and do a better job the next time around while not making the same mistakes you did previously.

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