Food Truck Safety Tips For Mobile Kitchen Owners


Safety is an absolute must in the food truck industry, which is why we will be diving into some of the best food truck safety tips that have been unleashed at FoodTruckr over the years.

On top of adding some articles (previews and links included) on safety tips for the mobile kitchen industry, we will also be dropping some rules, regulations, etc., for the food truck industry.

Use all of this information to your advantage, because safety in the food truck industry is a very, very invaluable ingredient.

Food Truck Safety Tips For Mobile Kitchen Owners

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FS017- Food Truck Propane Safety with PERC

“Because of the recent events, we thought it would be appropriate to have an expert come on to the show to educate us on propane tank safety, since it appears the explosion was caused by a propane tank.”

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How to Run a Food Truck 16: Prepare for Health Inspections

“Let’s be honest: The mere mention of the words “health inspection” is enough to make even the most experienced FoodTruckr feel a bit of added pressure and anxiety. Health inspectors pay attention to the smallest details and most specific rules about what should be happening on your truck, and they also wield the power to shut your truck down. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re prepared for inspections in advance.”

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3 Essential Checks To Make Before Launching Your Food Truck Business

“Don’t forget the three vital checks that will keep your wheels turning: local laws, food safety, and parking knowhow. Finding out if you’re doing it right might take a bit of digging.”

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Safety Tips

How to Start a Food Truck 19: Organize Your Licenses and Permits

“So, what’s on today’s menu? We’ll walk you through some of the licenses and permits that you’ll need to sell food from a food truck, as well as some of the requirements you must fulfill as an employer. Then, we’ll show you how to stay organized and keep everything together while you’re researching the local requirements in your area and applying for various documentation.”

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Street Food Rules And Regulations Food Truckers Should Know About

“Food trucks are much easier to start than a restaurant and they can become a viable source of income for a family. Whether you are trying to make money to improve your finances or if you are fulfilling a lifelong dream of making burgers on the go; before you start your street food enterprise remember to check and follow these rules and regulations to make your endeavor safe and in compliance with all the legal requirements.”

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How to Run a Food Truck 10: Perform Preventive Food Truck Maintenance

“Because preventive care for your truck is always important, we’ve broken the specific checks you need to perform into two categories below—food truck maintenance tips for the winter and general food truck maintenance tips to follow throughout the year. We recommend scheduling an appointment with your food truck mechanic now to make sure you’re fully prepared in both categories, and then hanging on to the latter half of this lesson to refer back to when spring starts again.”

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Safety Tips

How To Avoid Truck Accidents For Food Trucks

“Food trucks have been taking the nation by storm. Americans love food trucks. There is something that people truly enjoy about trying all of the different flavors and specialty items that only food trucks offer. They feel like they are getting something out of the ordinary and special. Entrepreneurs like food trucks because they allow them to start up their own “restaurant” type business for a fraction of the cost. However, with millions of food trucks on the roads in American cities, it is becoming increasingly important to touch on the importance of truck driving safety to avoid an accident.”

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